Finally the New York Times hide articles for non-advertising users

Adblock PlusA tool that hides advertisements on websites represented by websites, such as, can increase page display speed and save communication capacity, so many users are using it. However, as many web contents are made up of advertisement revenue, "Ad blocking function intercepts profits of web content producers" "It is impossible to create high quality contents if advertisement revenue is deprived There is also an opinion that "will become" and the voice to question the pros and cons of it is increasing. Meanwhile, major American newspaper publishersThe New York Times(New York Times) topSuggest "Possibility to prevent advertisement block users from viewing the web version of the page"Although it was talked about, it seems that the introduction of the "ad block / block" test finally started.

The New York Times Begins Testing Ad Blocking Approaches | Digital - AdAge

So I will try accessing the following New York Times website. The ad blocking tool is known to be lighter than Adblock "ΜBlock"Is used.

The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

The top page looks something like this. It is a clear design that banner advertisement has disappeared, and it seems that there is nothing to change in particular. Here, when you click the link and access the individual article page ......

The screen says "The best things in life are not free." (The best things in life are not free). Since the journalism of the New York Times is made up of advertisement revenue, if you continue to read the New York Times in future, I'd like you to choose one of two support methods.

The first support method is "SUBSCRIBE (subscription)". Click "SUBSCRIBE" ......

A paid version introduction & subscription application page from 3.75 dollars / week has been opened. Even if advertisement is blocked if it is a paid version, it is OK.

The second support method is "WHITELIST US (addition to whitelist)". The whitelist is a list that specifies the page that cancels the ad blocking function in the ad blocking tool, and it wants to add the New York Times to the whitelist. In other words, if you want to read articles you can display ads. Click "WHITELIST US" ......

A description page of Adblock Plus · AdBlock · μBlock, a representative ad blocking tool's whitelist addition page opens.

In the case of μBlock, the procedure of clicking the taskbar icon and clicking the blue power button to update the page was introduced. This is a method to turn off the ad blocking function of μBlock, and after the operation I was able to browse articles of the New York Times.

The New York Times believes that reducing the advertising revenue by the ad blocking tool hinders the maintenance of high quality content, so it will hurt the interests of the reader in the long run, and for users who use the ad blocking tool He said that he will take various actions in the future. Costs for high quality coverage are inevitable and advertising revenue from digital content wants to deepen the understanding that it is not only the New York Times but also one of the most powerful ways for content creators I will.

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