Movie that understands the world's first "VR sound game" play style

Various types of "music games (sound games)" that take action according to the rhythm have appeared, varying from touching the screen to what you operate with instruments and steps. When such a sound gae corresponds to a VR headset, what kind of play style will it become is the first VR compatible sound gain in history "AudioshieldYou can understand well by watching a demo movie of "

Audioshield first look, VR mixed-reality - YouTube

Audioshield is a music game title that appears for HTC Vive. When a player wears a VR headset, he / she will see the following play screen. HTC Vive has one controller for each hand, but in VR video it has blue and red shields on both hands and it seems to be able to move in conjunction with motion sensor. First of all the blue balls followed the music and flew to the player like a missile.

If it is a blue ball, hit the blue shield of the left hand according to the rhythm OK. There are multiple balls in a row, not appearing repeatedly, but if you keep a shield so as not to miss, it will be scored.

Then the blue ball with the tail flew.

If it is a ball with a tail, hit the shield a little longer. The effect also differs when shielding is applied depending on the type of ball.

In the case of a normal red bead without a tail ......

Just hit Chung with red shield is OK.

I shoot the shield to the right to the right according to the color of the ball, but suddenly the first purple ball appeared.

It is neither red nor blue It was a type that bumps both hands at the same time. Touch the screenMaimai ORANGEIt is a play style sound gauge similar to, but there is a difference that all the sight becomes the game image. Since there are many styles of arcade versions of standing games to stand and play, the affinity with VR series games may be high.

Audioshield will be released by Steam in April 2016. Since HTC Vive will also appear around spring 2016, those who want to play the world's first VR sound games are required to check the following pages.

Steam: Audioshield

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