That the list of people involved in FIFA's bribery scandal is full of heavyweights of the Football Association

2015 was a year that will become a major branch point for the football world. Because the Justice Department of the United States is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the world's richest sports organization "International Football Association(FIFA)"We began investigating" suspicion of bribery "that has been whispering for many years. As the bribery scandal has been carried out on a large scale and for a long time, I think many people are not able to fully grasp what is going on, but as a point of "you should know this only" It is charged with scandal & & the sports channel of the football world suspected involvement to the sports specialty channelESPNIt lists up, and if you look at the position of people listed up, the root depth of the problem is well transmitted.

FIFA scandal everything you need to know

As for the FIFA related scandal in 2015, the American Justice Department indicted 14 people on bribery charges on May 27, 2015, so that the Swiss authorities arrested seven of them, so that it will be widely reported around the world became. Among the seven people arrested, two incumbent FIFA Vice Presidents are included, and not only overseas but also in Japan are reported extensively. The 14 indicted prosecutors made an estimated 150 million dollars (about 186 dollars) from sports-related companies over the 24 years since the early 1990s, taking advantage of FIFA's right to "bid for the World Cup" and "broadcast rights" It is said that he had received bribes exceeding 100 million yen).

The following article will tell you why scandals of football-related organizations especially popular in Europe, South America, etc. are to be investigated by American judicial authorities.

Why is America trying to crack down the FIFA scandal, what is going on? Summary - GIGAZINE

FIFA, who was ahead of the president's election a couple of days after the scandal came out, decides to win the president of the fifth president of Zep Blatter in the same election. However, although Blatter's name was not among the 14 persons indicted himself, for the organization reformRepresentation of resignationTo do. But after a few days have elapsed since thenRetract from resignationI can make the public a noise. After a few months have elapsed,Four large FIFA sponsors request resignation of BlatterThen, the inside of FIFA is completely confused. Although Mr. Blatter, who served as president of FIFA since 1998, in December 2015Ban on activity for eight years from the FIFA Ethics CommitteeIn fact, it became dismissed status of the chairman. FIFA is scheduled to make an election to decide the new president on February 26, 2016 for organizational reform.

Blatter and Platini 8 years' suspension to action to FIFA: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

The figures summarized by ESPN related to the FIFA scandal are the following. It seems to be involved in bribery scandals, executives of the Football Association such as FIFA, CONMEBOL (Confederacy of South American Football Association), CONCACAF (North Central America and the Caribbean Football Federation), UEFA (European Football Federation) and executives of marketing companies . Executives of each organization charged with being indicated by red circles, executives suspected to be involved are marked in yellow. The total number of prosecuted executives is 39 people in total.

Executives charged with bribery scandal

· FIFA executives
Executives indicted for bribery scandals
Chuck · Blazer:Former FIFA Director (1997 - 2013), Former CONCACAF Secretary (1990 - 2011)
Rafael Esquibel:CONMEBOL Executive Committee, President of the Venezuela Football Association (1988 ~), FIFA Officer (2013 ~)
Eugenio Figuedo:FIFA Vice Chairman, Former Uruguay Football Association Chairman (1997-2006), former South America Football Association Chairman
Alfred Awi:Former CONCACAF Interim President (2011 - 2012), FIFA Vice Chairperson (2015)
Nicholas Leos:Former FIFA officers (1998 - 2013), former CONMEBOL president (1986 - 2013)
Eduardo Lee:FIFA Officer (2015), CONCACAF Officer (2013 ~), Costa Rica Football Association President (2007 ~)
Jose Maria Marin:FIFA's Olympic organization committee, Former Brazilian Football Association president (2012 - 2015)
Van · Angel · Napotto:Former Paraguay Football Association President (2007 - 2014), Former FIFA Vice President (2015), former CONMEBOL President (2014 - 2015)
Rafael Salgoro:President of the Guatemala Football Association, former FIFA officer (2007 - 2015)
Jack · Warner:Former FIFA Officer / Vice Chairman (1983 - 2011), former CONCACAF President (1990 - 2011), Trinidad and Tobago Football Association Special Adviser (1990 - 2011)

· CONMEBOL (South American Football League)
Manuel · Bulga:Former Peruvian Football Association President (2002 - 2014), FIFA Development Committee
Carlos Chavez:President of the Bolivia Football Association (2006 - 2015)
Luis Chili Boga:President of the Ecuador Football Association (1998 - 2015)
Marco Polo del Nero:President of Brazil Football Association (2015 ~), FIFA officer (2012 ~ 2015)
Eduardo Deluca:Former CONMEBOL secretary general (1986 - 2011)
Jose · Luis · Meissner:CONMEBOL Secretary General (2012 - 2015)
Romer Osuna:Former CONMEBOL Accounting (1986 - 2013), Members of the FIFA Compliance Committee
Ricardo Teixeira:Former Brazilian Football Association Chairman (1989 - 2012), Former FIFA Officer (1994 - 2012)

· CONCACAF (North American, Central American and Caribbean Football League)
Ariel Alvarado:Former Panama Football Association president (2004 - 2012), FIFA disciplinary committee member
Rafael Calleja:Former President Honduras (1990-1994), President of the Honduras Football Association (2002-2015)
Brian Jimenez:President of the Guatemala Football Association (2010-2015), member of the FIFA International Fair Play Committee
Julio Rosha:Head of FIFA development (2012 - 2015), Chairman of the former Central American Football Association, President of Nicaragua Association
Costas · Tuckus:Former CONCACAF assistant president, former Cayman Islands football association secretary general
Hector Trujillo:Guatemala Football Association Secretary (2010-2015), Guatemala Court Judge
Reynaldo Vasquez:Former El Salvador Football Association President
Jeffrey Web:Former CONCACAF President (2012 - 2015), FIFA Vice President (2012 - 2015), Cayman Islands Football Association Vice Chair (2012 - 2015)

· Others
Aaron · Davidson:American sports marketing companyTRAFFIC SPORTSThe president
Hugo · Hingis:Argentina's football stationFull Play GroupPresident.
Mariano Hingis:Full Play Group Vice President
Alejandro Burzako: Sports related companies in ArgentinaTyC SportsThe president

◆ FIFA executives suspected of involving scandals

· FIFA executives
Zep · Blatter:FIFA President (1998 - 2015)
Jerome · Bulk:FIFA Secretary General (2007 - 2015)

· UEFA executives
Michel Platini:UEFA Chairman (2007 - 2015)

As you can see from the titles of the title, the people who were in charge at the local football federation such as FIFA · South American Football Federation · North / Central America / Caribbean Football Federation have been indicted, especially those concerned in South America, North and Central America I am involved in many incidents. Some of the stakeholders included presidents of the national Football Association as well as presidents and judges of one country, and since bribery has been repeated on a much larger scale than what we knew by reading and listening It will be transmitted.

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