Proverb "Cyber ​​Security's Legendary Landscape" Iwaru "Break the iPhone's encryption for free, Apple does not have to make backdoor etc."

ByJohan Larsson

Apple's opposition to the iPhone unlock order from the Federal Court has been a big topic, but in response to this, security software development "McAfee"Founder of John McAfee commented," Since I release the lock of the iPhone for free, Apple does not need to have backdoor in its products. "

MCAFEE: I'll decrypt San Bernardino phone free - Business Insider

The beginning of that thing happened because of San Bernardie in California state in the United States in December 2015 a gun shooting incident. FBI, who was conducting an investigation of the case, requested the Apple side to unlock the iPhone that the criminal was using "as voluntarily", Apple says "unlocking without legal basis will violate the privacy of the user "We rejected the request to release lock. After that, FBI attaches Apple's order to unlock the iPhone through federal court, but Apple shows the opposite position to the court's order.

About the riot of this time, which is regarded as an important aspect of technology companies and government side "fight against data encryption", the argument of the Apple side is clearly transmitted from the following article.

Apple refused government request "Make backdoor that can avoid iPhone cipher" - GIGAZINE

Experts in the IT industry have insisted that they will benefit even against malicious intentions such as hackers trying to launch attacks if a backdoor is set up It was. McAfee suspects that the backdoor might possibly have the opportunity to deprive the enemy of the secret code for nuclear attack and to be deprived of the key to use US military weapons in Russia and China, The side insisted that we should reconsider the cancellation order carefully again. In addition, the current government's "iPhone unlock order" states that it is an act of abandoning the superiority of the cyber security system the US has been maintaining for many years.

McAfee also talks about the importance of encryption in the cyber war sooner or later, and the security recession is "something that is tempting pity in a non-armed state", "If Poles were Hitler If you had been pretty badly asked, would you say that the invasion of East Germany to Poland did not take place? "And for many people using the digital terminal in the future in the future, as well as Apple, like Apple He says he should refuse to install the backdoor.

The FBI side requesting Apple to unlock the iPhone claims to "use the backdoor only in the investigation of the San Bernardy gun shooting incident", but in anyone's eyes what would not be done alone Also clear. McAfee also argues that "once the backdoor is set up, the encryption of the iPhone eventually becomes meaningless".


Furthermore, "It is a problem that FBI can not breach the encryption of iPhone on its own," and the hacking conference "DEF CON"We participate with the best hackers on the planet, so at that time I'm proposing to the government side" to unlock the iPhone of the culprit of the San Bernardie gun shooting incident ". McAfee commented that if you can not unlock it, "I will eat my shoes on Neil · Caboet's TV program." In addition, McAfee said, "If the government doubts me, Google searches for" cybersecurity legend "and sees who is the name displayed in the first 10 of the 250,000 search results It is good to see it. "

In addition, Google's Thunder Pichaai commented on his official Twitter account, "This forcing the company side to hack it leads to risking the privacy of the user" I will.

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