A demonstration movie of "Leap Motion Orion" with the possibility to destroy real and digital walls

You can operate your computer just by moving your hand in the airMotion capture systemLeap Motion, The latest development kit for optimizing for VR "Leap Motion OrionThe beta version of "Beta" has been released. Leap Motion Orion is to make the conventional Leap Motion a controller that can be used with the VR headset. A demonstration movie showing what kind of things can be done when Leap Motion Orion and VR headset are combined is released As a result, it seems to me that you get a feeling of immersion as if you got lost in the celestial space.

Leap Motion: Orion - YouTube

With Leap Motion Orion, Leap Motion turns into a controller for VR headsets. It's very easy to use, just fix Leap Motion with a dedicated attachment to Oculus Rift.

That's why I dive into the digital space where VR headsets will show off.

What was displayed is the hand of a person who wears a VR headset motion-captured with Leap Motion Orion.

The motion of the projected hand is very smooth, this hand becomes the "controller" in digital space.

When thumb and index finger of both hands are stuck together ...

A block appears between both hands.

When you release your finger, the block falls into Potri and digital space.

It is also possible to have this in hand.

Of course, you can freely change the size of the block to be generated.

Since the block can be carried freely with both hands ......

It can also be stacked together.

Turning the palm of your left hand towards the face ... ...

Three menus are displayed next to the left hand.

With this ... ....

Square block

Rectangular block

It seems that spherical body block etc can be generated.

The touched block glows orange and it is also possible to select blocks of digital space at once.

Furthermore, digital space can be set to zero gravity state.

If you press a rectangular block floating in the air by hand ......

Sweep it will fly somewhere.

All blocks will fall to the ground if we release the zero gravity condition.

You can also see that several demonstration movies using Leap Motion Orion have been released and that you are tracking the hand of the person who wears the VR headset very accurately and without delay.

Geometric Trailer - YouTube

Blocks in LEAP Motion ORION beta - YouTube

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