How to wear a new skill at twice the speed you've ever done

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In order to acquire piano and sports skills by saying "There is no choice but to be successful," the idea of ​​"to spare time for practice anyway" is common, but what is important by new research is not "time" The result that it is "practice method" was shown. There seems to be a difference of twice as much as the time to master the skills by the practice method.

Scientists have found a way to help you learn new skills twice as fast - ScienceAlert

So far, such as musical instrument performance and sportsMotor skillsThe idea that it is necessary to repeat the same exercise many times to wear is predominant. However, according to Professor Pablo Celnik of Johns Hopkins University, there are methods that are more effective and enjoyable to acquire these technologies.

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The research team divided 86 subjects into 3 groups and asked them to practice a new technique of "moving screen cursors" by "squeezing a special device" instead of using a mouse for 45 minutes. Once the exercise has been trimmed, six hours later, the first group practiced exactly the same way as the first one, the second group practiced that needed a slightly different movement from the first one, The second exercise was not prepared for the third group.

Ultimately, we carried out a test called "how fast and accurate the cursor can be operated" to all subjects, the best result was the second group, about twice as accurate as the first group And he said that he had acquired speed. Of course, the most bad result was the third group, but the difference with the first group was about 25%.

Once the memory stabilized as a long-term memory changes to an unstable state by new knowledge and then returns to a stable state again "Reconsolidation(Re-immobilization) ", and for many years it was believed that re-immobilization plays an important role in acquiring motor skills, but proving in concrete experiments was done It was not. In this experiment which blanked for 6 hours between practice and practice, it proved that re-immobilization helps to master motor skills.

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Professor Celnik recommends that you make slight changes to practice, in other words to change the weight of the bat or soccer ball, in terms of acquiring motor skills. Please note that too much change means that you can not receive the benefit of refixing.

However, the research team says that this research is of a very small scale, so further research is needed to discover how people can acquire motor skills efficiently.

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