When I made a robot to program lipstick on my own, I made it

Development of a robot that Amazon can work on behalf of humansAs you can see in the fact that we are emphasizing ourselves, the future that our robots can act on behalf of ourselves by the advancement of technology has been getting close. Inventor'sSimone GiertzPrior to such a future, he developed a robot that automatically patches lipstick. That tremendous work fullness has been uploaded to YouTube and it is calling up a hot topic.

I made a lipstick robot - YouTube

Mr. Giertz has switched on also reviewed at GIGAZINEDesktop size minirobo arm "uArm". It is a robot that can memorize various actions by programming.

Robo arm to start moving with Uo.

Aiming at the lips ......

Coat the lipstick.

......, but it seems that the lipstick has been drawing too much powerfully.

Robo arm which moves gun gun without worrying about failure.

My momentum is over and I'm lifting Giertz 's nose.

A lipstick that breaks because the movement is too violent.

Robo arm will go away once I paint it for a while.

Then, like the kiss on the cheeks, the finishing is finished purely.

When work finishes, it moves with a sudden ... ...

I was proudly back in the original position.

In addition, Mr. Giertz also has an arm-powered alarm clock waking up in the morning in the morning ......

The Wake-up Machine VLOG - YouTube

Funny breakfast machine not afraid of failure

The Breakfast Machine - YouTube

We are inventing various items such as a cutting machine which is too violent in every sense.

Chopping Machine TV Shop commercial - YouTube

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