Saber and Rin Tohsaka etc suffered in sexy underwear appearance Fate related figures Summary

The second animation of Fate / stay night's TV animation started in October 2014Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]And games for smartphonesFate / Grand Order, Such as the game and animated characters based on the PC game "Fate / stay night" released in 2004Wonder Festival 2016 [Winter]Because it was rolling up to Morimori to summarize it.

Wonder Festival | Wonder Festival

6-13-12 "VISPO"Saber, Rin Tohsaka Rin, Ilya Schiefel, Saber Horta etc were exhibited in underwear appearance. This is "Saber Lingerie ver."

Looking at another angle this way. Posing like sitting on chair, pretty sexy.

Clear material is used for Excalibur Saber held in hand.

Looking up, this way. Cute expression on the contrary to sexy underwear.

This is "Rin Tozaka Lingerie ver."

Looking from the side like this.


A magical gem is killing at the chest.

"1/7 rider"

Looking from behind like this. Hair movement is quite dynamic.

"1/7 Ilya Spirit von Einzbern"

Looking at it from the front. I have a magical bird in my hand.

From the side.

"1/7 Saber Horta"

Pretty trembling posing.

From another angle.

Looking up, this way.

Pretty sexy.

7-23-07 "Grizzly PandaOkay.
"Saber to keep the lid of a cup noodle" ...

"Black saver for keeping lid of cup noodles" discovered. As its name suggests, it can be used as a weight to keep a lid of cup noodles.

I also found "Saber".

Looking up it is like this.

head on.

Sword of promised victory


The trowel looks like a real metal.

7-07-08 "I: Pach-wks"Painful chocolate ★ Iliya" that was on display was made with chocolate that can be eaten.

One of the Fate series works that also became an animation "Fate / kaleid liner Prismaleirya"Ilya and Miyuki · Edel felt are drawn.

Ilya who has become a magical girl ... ...


The base seems to be ordinary board chocolate.

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