Immediate enforcement with a criminal coefficient of 300 or more, the motorized "dominator" is not hemorrhagic quality

Wonder Festival 2016 WinterTo the Cerevo booth of Animation "PSYCHO-PASS psychopathAppears in "Execution Mode Lethal: Can be remodeled as an Eliminator"Dominator"Is on display.

DOMINATOR - Cerevo | From Paralyzer to Eliminator. Electric fully movable model DOMINATOR (dominator)

Arrived at the Cerevo booth.

I found a dominator.

The grip part is a special edition of rosewood material. It is an emblem of only special edition.

Around trigger

Quality is an odd level.

"Crime coefficient is 300 or more" It will be like this.

It shines with over 200 LEDs.

You can check how the "Dominator" deforms in the following movie.

How cerevo's "Dominator" transforms to electric execution mode - YouTube

Target and draw a half of the trigger ... ...

Deformation start.

When ending is over, if I pull all the triggers ......

I will return to original.

It seems to be said that the muzzle has a built-in camera, and it works like a mechanism to automatically deform according to the criminal coefficient in cooperation with the smartphone application.

Cerevo's automatic deformation type "DOMINATOR (dominator)" is 79,800 yen (excluding tax), scheduled to be accepted on February 18, 2016. The special edition is a reservation reception from the same day at 80,800 yen (excluding tax).

DOMINATOR (Dominator) - Cerevo official store

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