What kind of zombies were born in the past 100 years

ByYves Tennevin

"Zombie" depicted as a threat of humanity in movies, dramas, games. In the meantime, what kind of zombies have been born so far, the image is reproduced with makeup and special makeup, with the feature of one male as a model.

In addition, because it is a zombie thing, bleeding expression and Goa expression come out, so please be careful if you are not good at it. The thumbnail image of YouTube is already a little stupid.

100 Years of Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture | Time Lapse Video - YouTube


First of all, in 1932, Director Viktor Halperin made the movie 'Zombie' in the movie 'Fear Castle' for the first time in the movie.

A model men appeared. In the 1932 movie, it seems that black and white is reproducing the atmosphere.

A woman appeared and made it slimmer.

I do not feel much changed, but this is a zombie. By drinking "zombie powder", human beings become zombies.

Unlike the later zombies, it is a "living human being without free will".

With the time being free, in 1968, the film "Night of the Living Dead", George A. Romero makes innovative zombies appear.

That is such a zombie. It is "living corpse" that was created by adding vampire elements to the zombies that appeared in "Fear Castle". Although the power is strong, the movement slowly. You do not feel pain, you can only defeat by cutting your neck. Moreover, the setting "to zombie when killed by zombies" was born from this movie.

Once again the time is available, 1996, another great zombie will appear in the game "Resident Evil".

To make makeup quite large.

The "biohazard" zombies were created in "T-virus".

The meat is rotten and attacks with scratches and bites with nails.

Then, in 2002, the zombies that appeared in the movie 'After 28 days ...'.

Makeup is done while leaving the image of the man.

The characteristic of this zombie is red eyes and intense movement. Although zombies often moved slowly, the zombies of this work will be dashing vigorously. There is a dangerous existence that it becomes a zombie even if it takes the blood.

Also in the drama "Walking Dead" broadcasted since 2010, a lot of zombies appeared as the title.

This is pretty fancy makeup ......

Vital life is very high, even if you put your bodies in two, you live (?).

It will not move quickly. I smell the odor to see if I am the same zombie as myself. Would you crush your head or starve as you knock down?

The 2013 film "World War Z" was also a big zombie movie.

A make-up that made use of the shape of the original face.

This zombie is also a type with a sharp sense of smell. It is distinctive to let the toes tick.

And in 2015, the zombies of the game "Dying Light" ...

After making a pretty big make-up ......

It is a figure of impact size.

Even if the movement is quick, the athletic ability alone is not high Zombie is a strong enemy that jumps and climbs in this zombie alone. We only hunt at night.

Although this is not all of zombies, various zombies that can not be described as "zombies are said such things" are birth. What kind of zombies will come out in the future?

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