Sabagée "VS NEET" to lead home guards who stayed at home to return to society

A festival of games of Nico Nico Douga held on January 30 and 31, 2016 "Battle Meeting 2016"To round out all planning, preparation and operation to the user"Maru Nagare Hiroba in Battle Conference 2016There is an exhibition area unique to Nico Nico Videos. Among them, a surprising game that leads a social reintegration of a home security guard who stood in his house was dissatisfied "VS NEET"is.

Maru Nagare Hiroba in Battle Conference 2016 | Battle Conference 2016

I came to "Maru Nagare Hiroba in Battle Conference 2016".

VS NEET where many people made rows at Maru Nakage Hiroba.

A survival game is being conducted in an instant field.

A house guard who keeps aiming here while hiding in obstacles.

Participants received an infrared gun at the reception ......

It shoots home guards who keep standing up at home and corrects them.

Participants use 89 type infrared rifle. He said that if he hits a helmet of a home guard, it will give damage.

Even if you do not know how to use an infrared gun, instructions are prepared or staff will tell you it is safe.

Damaged home guards will begin to roll.

Female participants managed to struggle to reintegrate home guards society.

However, there are more than one home security guards, not one.

Participants aim at the scope ......

A splendid hit. However, home guards lie down lurking while showing a painful appearance.

Many home guards from outside the house are also attending.

Somewhat home security guards are looking cool.

A house security guard holding a light gun. I feel like I am working seriously, but I can enjoy not having much thought there.

There were also people dealing a magazine called "Hello Work Battle Officer".

Maru Nakage Hiroba, booths other than VS NEET were also very successful.

Booths to make balloon art ......

Booths that can enjoy game music, a large variety of booths gathered together.

There is also a booth that you can play with Blackjack.

I found Erman Joe in the waiting queue of VS NEET. It may be trying to fix home guards and pull in to War Boys ....

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