Animation movie "KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS" depicting an adventure giving life to folding paper with the sound of a shamisen and freely manipulating it

Animated movie "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride"I was involved in the production of the movie"Koraline and the Button of the Button"Golden Glove Awards Animation Film Awards sometimes nominated for a studioLAIKAHowever, the latest work "KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGSWe released the trailer of. The boy Kubo who manipulates the shamisen with mysterious power is said to leave for adventure to clarify the mystery the father who was a samurai died, you can enjoy beautiful images combining 3D stop motion and CG.

KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters August 2016 - YouTube

The bunch of origami in the rock is swinging with the wind bouncy.

Origami danced in the air with the power of the wind.

A young boy and a woman are sleeping in a room where origami is being skipped.

When the boy opened the eyelid, the eyes shone glitterly.

It was Moon reflected in the eyes.

The moon is illuminating the raging sea.

A woman on a small boat in the storm.

A woman has a shamisen in his hand.

On the back of a woman is a mark like a stag beetle.

When a woman looks up ...

It was where the big wave that seemed to be several meters was coming.

A woman raises a bee ......

Playing the Shamisen.

The moment the sound was coming from the shamisen, the sea broke into two.

"I have a chance to go on my own way"

"My name is Kubo."

Kubo is going on a journey to explore the mystery of his father's death.

The weapon of Kubo ......

It is a shamisen.

Origami danced when Kubo played the shamisen.

Origami changes its shape ......

Completion of spider.

A lot of people gather to see strange events.

Fighting origami's Kubo is a origami samurai.

When playing the shamisen in the snowy mountain, origami jumps out from the back towards the bushwasa and the air.

Origami changed to a bird in the air.

Origami birds fly toward Kubo.

Enveloping the body of Kubo ......

As a wing, Kubo flies through the sky playing the shamisen.

However, the power was not enough, the origami faded off and it fell to the ground.

The monkey that appeared there said, "Your magic is growing and growing stronger."

"But when the strength gets stronger, the world gets dangerous."

What on earth is danger?

A woman flying in the sky with tremendous speed.

I will land in front of Don and Kubo.

The cloak is covered with feathers ......

As far as looking at facial expressions it seems not to be a friend of Kubo.

I am scared of terror.

Monkeys and beetles traveling with Kubo.

The corner of the head is stag beetle, but it is a beetle.

The raging waters.

In a corrupt room ......

What exactly is what Kubo saw?

The movement of the origami samurai is full of dynamism.

A woman who takes away Kubo.

A girl whose eyes are hidden as "Do not look!"

Beetles clasp the sword ......

I will pull out.

What monkey is fighting ......

A woman who took Kubo away.

When you leap with a sword ......

A vulture and sparks scattered.

Kubo wore brilliant equipment.

A monkey is caught in a big skeleton and it is a big pinch.

It is Kubo's shamisen that saves my friends.

Push up the bee in the sky ......

When I played the sound, the splashing splash of gold rose.

Beetle "I understand what you say"

Probably it is persuading monkeys and Kubo to make beetles.

"Let's promise to pay attention to danger so as not to blink"

"Although I say, I can not think that I can blink ... Is there eyelid in my eyes?"

Kubo is a drama "game of thronesKnown for the role of Rikon StarkArt · Parkinson, Beetle isMatthew McConaughey, The monkeyCharlize TheronIt is also noteworthy that the voice is in charge. KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS is going to be released in the United States on August 19, 2016, but it is not clear whether it will be released in Japan.

In addition, LAIKA released a stop motion animation movie "August 2012"ParaNorman"Making movie has been released, details of which can be confirmed from the following articles.

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