"Copy slot" anyone can make catch phrase in 3 seconds

It is easy to create a catch phrase by combining three texts in the manner of a slot machineCopy slot"is. Although it mixes sentences at random, it is said that a unique catch phrase is completed, such as things that make me smile unexpectedly or thinking, so I actually made various catch phrases.

Copy Slot - Anyone Copywriter! -

The top page looks something like this. In fact, the text divided into three is swapped at high speed like a slot machine.

If you stop moving by clicking text fields one by one ... ...

"I like Kirin, but my love is the taste of my first love." It is a mechanism to complete a catch phrase. When you stop the slot, three buttons such as the SNS button appear at the bottom of the screen and you can turn the slot as many times as you click "Make one more time" on the left.

Sometimes a catch phrase is completed that does not make sense a little, such as "Do not change the suction power of the table," ......

It is also possible to complete a dry catch phrase "Do you like this pretty little beautiful older sister?"

Meaningful catch phrase that thinks meaning for a while.

"People who are closest to heaven are worth."

"Yes, half is a priceless."

"I like Kirin, but this is amazing."

"This is the taste of mama that does not change suction power."

Youth was also the taste of mother.

Sometimes a catch phrase such as a horny phrase is completed.

Even if you use it as it is as it is, it seems to be OK.

Is it a commandment against the coming Valentine's Day?


It is magnificent.

Handling of beautiful older sister is severe.

"Even if attached to it, the heart is free shipping."

A bit horror.


"Do you like a man who can not buy with money?"

"I am the closest to heaven on the table," this is also a horror.

"I also made a mistake, but my life was inazuma!" There were also Kiki who was too energetic.

In addition, since the created catch phrase can be posted on Twitter etc. together with the tag "# copy slot", you can see the excellent catch phrase that everyone made, by searching tags.

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