The mechanism of Google 's drone transport system "Project Wing" is clearly stated in patent documents

Delivery drone project for which Google is developing "Project WingIsPractical application by 2017Although it is also being told, the technology is written in the patent document published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, and it is clarified what kind of mechanism the package is carried.

This is how Google's Project Wing Drone Delivery Service Could Work

(PDF)US000009244147 B120160126 - google-project-wing-drone-delivery-patent-january-2016.0.pdf

In the patent document, the outline of the system is shown by the illustration as follows. The distinctive features of Project Wing are drone, which carries baggage by flying in the sky, and "Mobile Delivery Receptacle(Transport shipping container) "using a box called. The following figure shows the outline of the receptacle (130), but in addition to the wheel (710) being attached under the box, the computer (131) is mounted inside and the drone It is supposed to have a device (134, 135) for transmitting and receiving infrared signals. At the top of the receptacle is a door (705) for closing the container.

Project Wing's drones and receptacles will transport and receive while interlocking with each other. Drone carries the packages to be transported and flew to the destination of transport. In the field there is a receptacle aimed at accepting luggage, and when the drone enters the communication range, communication with each other is started using infrared rays etc. As the drone slowly lowers the altitude and reaches the point where it is possible to deliver the package, the drone moves the package to the receptacle. Then the receptacle moves to another safe position and notifies the user who receives the package that the package has arrived. And, the inside of Project Wing which patent got the mechanism that the user chooses whether to go to pick up the baggage to the place or actually bring it to my place.

In the following movie, the state of Project Wing at the experimental stage carried out in the vast land of Australia is contained. Although the receptacle does not seem to appear, its rough appearance should be felt.

Introducing Project Wing - YouTube

"Ohhhhhhh, I'd like you to deliver dog food for my dog," but I will enter an order.

In another place, the drone of Project Wing is on standby, packed with luggage and headed to the destination.

Drone flying wide with a sweep ......

Arrive at your destination. Drone performs hovering over the sky.

Next, we will extend the wire from the aircraft and let the loads go down.

In this way, while floating in the sky, I drop down my luggage. When using a receptacle, it is thought that it descends to near the surface of the earth.

And delivery completed. Since the receptacle does not appear in this movie, the luggage is placed directly on the ground, but in fact it will be put in the box.

A dog who could get dog food safely.

At that time, Drone was hoisting up the hook that was catching luggage ......

I came back to the original station.

This kind of structure is not only Google but also Amazon is also under development under the name "Amazon Air" for service provision. It seems that it will not be such a far future that the drone transportation service actually appears.

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