What is a user who applies VIP treatment "Twitter does not display advertisement"?

Twitter has earned advertisement revenue by displaying advertisements on the user's timeline, but in the past few months users of famous accounts found that ads disappeared or were drastically reduced from the timeline.

Twitter Has Stopped Showing Ads to Some VIP Users | Re / code

Users with familiar and active accounts that are in zero advertisement or nearby status Twitter aim is to improve the Twitter experience of these users, and it is thought that there is more to use Twitter .

The subject of zero advertisement is not only determined by "being famous", but it also takes into consideration the number of tweets and how much influence it has. Have 70 thousand followersRe / codeWriterPeter KafkaIs classified as "no advertisement" group and it is possible to experience zero advertisement if the follower is an active user of tens of thousands of people level.

Twitter's revenue in 2015 is $ 2.2 billion (about 260 billion yen), and much of its revenue was brought by advertisements. Although it seems to be unlikely that "to acquire new users" and "reduce advertisements displayed on the timeline of famous users", they are Twitter developers and serve again as CEOs since 2015Jack DorsyIt seems that Mr. thinks it is effective for Twitter's leap.

Also, a live streaming application from Twitter "Periscope"Is the action camera's"GoProStarted cooperation with. This makes it possible to deliver live recorded movies just by pairing iPhone and GoPro Hero 4. This is also considered to increase the number of Twitter users by incorporating popular live streaming.

Periscope integrates with GoPro to bring live streaming to action cameras | The Verge

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