"Google Chrome 48" stable version can add custom buttons for notification

Web browser"Google Chrome"The latest stable version · 48.0.2564.82 was released on January 20th. In this update, 37 vulnerabilities have been fixed, as well as the push notifications installed from Chrome 42 are widely used, custom buttons can be added to notifications, and tasks can be added It is now possible to complete.

Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update

Chrome 48: Cast display, custom notification button, network forecast, etc. - Google Developers Japan

An example of notification on Chrome 48 for Android. When you receive a notification that the weather will rain tomorrow, you can choose "remind" or "call a taxi" task without having to bother to launch the application from the trouble.

Also, Chrome 48 for Android supports the Presentation API, using the API and Cast Web SDK makes it possible to display mobile sites on Google Cast terminals such as Chromecast, detect the maximum bandwidth of the terminal And it has become possible to deliver resources of a size suitable for the connection speed, and so on.

In terms of vulnerability, 37 items have been corrected in total, including 2 in the second highest severity from the top and 6 in the middle from the top.

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