The most brilliantly beautiful strongest heroine appeared, the true figure is dazzling, the latest video of the movie "Wonder Woman"

Suicide Squad ", a series of villain characters gathering at the special program" Dawn of the Justice League "on DC comics movies broadcast on the American CW television networkThe latest trailerAlthough it became a hot topic being published, the film which drew the daughter of the Queen of the Amazon tribe "Wonder Woman"The latest video of the album has also been released and this also attracts the attention of Americoman fans.

"Wonder Woman" Release Date Announced |

Wonder Woman

The first public video of the movie "Wonder Woman" can be checked from the following movie.

#DCFilms Presents The 1st "Wonder Woman" Footage! - YouTube

A row going through the forest.

What is in it ......

It is Wonder Woman. Wonder woman has been chosen as Miss IsraelGal · GadotIt plays.

Wonder woman, the daughter of the queen of the women 's family "Amazon", is a user of rare heroic strength and swordsmanship.

For Wonder Woman with superman class strength it is a human being etc.

As well as Superman, Wonder Woman usually lives as a single woman, Diana.

Nobody knows anything, such as the world's strongest woman hiding in the crowd.

However, if it comes to battle, it will be more reliable than anyone else.

Not only swordsmanship ... ....

Wonder woman who is also good at martial arts.

In addition, we have various special abilities such as flight ability and telepathic ability with animals.

However, ordinary Diana is cute enough to think that he has a powerful power.

Wonder woman riding a horse and swinging a sword.

Women's Patri Jenkins coach megaphone at Wonder Woman. As women are the hero, Warner Bros. stuck to female coaching.

The planned release date of the movie "Wonder Woman" is June 23, 2017, but the planned release date on March 25Batman vs Superman Justice Birth"Because Wonder Woman has also appeared, it seems to wish you a beautiful heroine before the main part.

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