I tried to eat "fluffy juicy thick mentikatsu" and two "Demigurasementikatsu rice bowl" and "Demi-Tama Menchikatsu set menu"

Combining plenty of demiglace sauce and fluffy & juicy mentikatsuDemigrass bowl of mentikatsu"When"Demi-Tama Menchikatsu set meal"Is available from the 15th of January 2016 as soon as possible. I was eating using a thick munchikatsu with Dodon and I was eating it because I was concerned about a bowl that seemed to respond to it, so I actually ate it.

Tonkatsu and bowl "Koya" Official Website | Limited time-limited menu! Tastefully demygrass Demigurasu Mentikatsu on sale!

Arrived slightly.

"Demigrass Menchikatsu Bowl" and "Demi-Tama Menchikatsu Set Menu" were also appealing at stores.

When entering the shop and ordering ......

First of all, "Demigrass Menchikatsu Bowl" arrived.

The size of the bowl is about a little smaller than the iPhone 5.

The diameter is like this.

On top of the bowl the mentikat was crowded with Dodon.

Parmesan cheese is sprinkled on the surface.

Also shredded cabbage.

Menchikatsu each were cut in half and it was easy to eat.

Men's cutlets that are not thick in supermarkets and not thick are being sold, but mackerel cutlets are thick, and gravy overflows from the soft minced meat between the minced meat. The part where demiglas sauce is covered is moist, but other clothing is crispy, you can enjoy the difference in texture with soft juicy meat.

A lot of demiglas sauce is also used. Because it is a crispy and crispy demi-grass sauce, it is not bad even if it is matched with a men's cutlet. Faintness like a wine was felt, ball onions simmered in mackerel were good sweetness.

Then, "Demi-Tama Menchikatsu set meal"

This is on top of the iron plate two mengekats and half eggs, cabbage.

Mentikatsu is sinking on plenty of demiglace sauce.

The taste is almost the same as the mengekatsu of Demigurasu Mentikatsu bowl ... ...

Because one side of the katsu is soaked in the sauce, it is made to feel the flavor of the demiglace sauce more.

When mature eggs are put on and eaten, mildness and richness are added.

Of course, the compatibility with rice is perfect, so you can eat it as rice bowl on rice and OK.

A lot of ingredients of Toru soup are also included in the set, so you can have plenty to eat. Hungry had become a set meal perfect for when "I want to eat meat!"

The "Demigrass Menchikatsu Bowl" is 529 yen including tax, "Demi-Tama Menchikatsu set menu" is 745 yen including tax. Both are for a limited time only.

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