Start of offering Japanese version of Guinness World's fastest character input application "Fleksy"

The world's fastest character input application boasting Guinness class character input speedFleksyThe Japanese version of it was released on Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 11 o'clock. In this application, in addition to the conventional "QWERTY input", it is a Japanese original input methodFlick inputHas been newly installed for Japanese, and that the speed which Fleksy had been able to do was made available for free in the Japanese environment as well.

Developed the Japanese version of the world's fastest smartphone input application "Fleksy"! ~ Automatically correct erroneous input just by swiping ~ | | KDDI R & D Laboratories, Inc.

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard - Android application on Google Play

Fleksy is an application that allows you to automatically correct incorrectly typed characters on smartphones with screen swiping simply by using your own "gesture operation UI". Even if you mistype characters, you can convert them to accurate words, so you can realize high-speed character input, and you can input accurate characters such as those who do not have confidence in entering letters on smartphones, people who are visually impaired We can support it.

You can see how you type letters in Japanese version Fleksy in the following movie.

Fleksy KDDI Japanese Promo 3 - YouTube

Although I input a letter, "no matter how you make a mistakeHappy New YearEven if you typed in a bit of a bit better calm ... ....

As if nothing happened, "shu sw swe ry" was converted as "can be modified".

further"A warningAnd if you can read the correct sentences with this, even if you input a great level ......

"Accuracy is also", it has been transformed by chance. As you can see, in Japanese version Fleksy, it seems that a high automatic correction function is installed while responding to flick input. If you look closely, it is also a point that the input screen is a flick input.

This application was developed jointly by Fleksy and KDDI Institute for Japanese, and the development was advanced so that "the world's fastest" performance can be used even in the Japanese environment. In the press release, "This Fleksy" advanced UI is utilized, in addition to "QWERTY input" which was implemented in the past, it corresponded to "Japanese flick input" which is original Japanese input method , "Konica Minolta has implemented" gesture manipulation UI "and" false input automatic correction function "that correspond to Japanese input by utilizing the character input and natural language analysis technology possessed by KDDI R & D Laboratories.

In 2014, a Brazilian youth Marcel · Fernández · Ferio tried to record character input speed with Samsung Galaxy S4 and Fleksy and established the Guinness record of 18.19 seconds. The situation at that time can be seen in the following movie.

Fleksy Keyboard Breaks the Guinness World Record for Fastest Texting - YouTube

Please note that this release is only for Android, it is currently under consideration about releasing iOS version applications.

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