Compression algorithm "Brotli" to further speed up Google Chrome Implementation soon

ByRoger Casas-Alatriste

In September 2015 Google announced a new compression algorithm for the Internet "Brotli" in open source, but it turned out that Brotli implementation is scheduled for Google Chrome.

Ilya Grigorik, Google's web performance engineer, posted on Google+ that a new compression algorithm "Brotli" will be implemented in Chrome. According to Grigorik, I plan to implement it with the next major update "Google Chrome 49".

Brotli is a new compression algorithm developed using Google's compression algorithm "Zopfli" published 2 years ago, but unlike Zopfli which was compatible with Deflate, Brotli adopted a completely new data format It is.

As a result, the compression ratio has improved by 20% to 26% compared to Zopfli, and by implementing Brotli it will be possible to effectively compress the data displayed on the web and speed up it. As the compressed size becomes smaller, we can expect to reduce the amount of data transfer and battery consumption of mobile users in particular.

Introducing Brotli, a new compression algorithm for the Internet - Google Developers Japan

Firefox also plans to implement Brotli with the next major update "Firefox 44"Mozilla developer's blogIt is revealed in.

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