Google president says "Artificial intelligence can be used to solve awkward problems lying in the world"

Due to the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, various technological innovations are expected to occur. At the same time, because of the rapid rate of evolution, AI is depriving of various occupations which are presentAI Threat TheoryAlso claimed. Meanwhile, former CEO of Google,Google's parent company AlphabetEric Schmidt, executive officer, said "AI will solve the" difficult problems "around the world."

Google Chairman Thinks AI Can Help Solve World's 'Hard Problems' - Bloomberg Business

Google is known to utilize AI technology for various services, and typical examples include the improvement of accuracy of Google search engine, speech recognition technology, and development of automatic driving cars. AI technology is expected to increase in importance more and more in the future, and research and development expenses to Google's AI technology are expected to increase in future. You can find out about the outcomes of AI technology, AI technology and AI technology that Schmidt was working on when it was Google / CEO by looking at the following article.

The goal of artificial intelligence thought by Google's Eric Schmidt - GIGAZINE

Even though I retired from the front line of Google management, Schmidt who is familiar with Google's AI technology and still has a great influence on Google, Google and Facebook held in New York, USA on January 11, 2016 At the meeting to discuss the future of AI development organized by high-tech enterprises organized by high-tech enterprises such as AI technology, "AI technology will be used to solve" challenges "such as population explosion, climate change, education, etc., which is cited as a global problem I can contribute. " Mr. Schmidt thinks that AI will serve the human race as a help in solving the worldwide conflict problems while AI threat theory is being whispered.

At the same time, with regard to the current situation where research and development of AI technology is progressing independently and independently worldwide, "AI is becoming a very important influential technology, therefore standardization of AI technology approaches is necessary" By telling us that a common tool is created and used to publish research results, we can effectively utilize the research results of academic researchers and private researchers mutually, we say that AI technology will develop further, and we will give global standards on AI I am preaching the importance of making.

Mr. Schmidt said in the meeting that the future where AI will support humans will come everywhere in everyday life and in the future each person will have "own" in the digital world I expect it will be. "In the future where living (human) Schmidt and the personal assistant of AI's digital world of" non Schmidt "live together, I want to support myself in various situations of daily life by non Schmidt," AI I draw a future forecast diagram that utilized it.

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