"Drone catcher" which catches drones by drone appeared, and the appearance of actually catching is also disclosed

A radio controlled drones that anyone can easily fly is fun,American secret service drunk and crashed drone in the White HouseLet me do it in the dronesAn incident occurred trying to deliver cigarettes across the prison fenceIn fact, it is a fact that fellows trying to exploit drone come out and it is a problem, in the United StatesFinally a system that obligates users of drone to register is started.We have reached the point.

A drone catcher that forcibly removes such malicious drone and dangerous drones by using drones as well "Robotic Falcon"Has been developed.

Drone Catcher: "Robotic Falcon" can capture, Retrieve Renegade Drones | Michigan Tech News

The way the Robotic Falcon captures the drones can be seen in the following movies.

Robotic Falconry - Drone Catcher System for Removing the Intruding Drones - YouTube

Two drones hovering with blue sky back. The black drones on the left are "Robotic Falcon" on the captor side, the drones on the side where the white on the right is chased as bad guys.

Suddenly when you are hovering, Robotic Falcon shoots something white with "Spark!" And strikes the white drones.

What was fired was a net for catching drone. A drone with a fuselage and a rotor caught in the net can not fly at all, and literally "Please give me a rope" and it is a state of use.

As it is, it was captured by Robotic Falcon and disappeared to the sky.

A state captured by a white drones eyes is here. From the Robotic Falcon opposite the eyes ......

A white net was fired. It is a momentary event, so it is impossible situation such as flipping the aircraft and escape.

It will be a prey to the net ... ...

I was taken high in the sky.

"Robotic Falcon" of this drone captured drone was created by Mo Rastgaar, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Michigan. The aircraft is equipped with a device that fires the net, the range is up to 40 feet (about 12 meters). Drone can fly with automatic flight, maneuvering by man, and a combination of both, hanging down the captured drone and bringing it down, as well as being able to drop from the sky into a safe place.

The same initiatives are also taking place in Japan, and the appearance of the "Intercept drone" developed by the Metropolitan Police Agency is also released.

Metropolitan Police Department started intercept drone operation = First time in the country, captured in the net using air - YouTube

This "intercept drone" is an aircraft scheduled to be introduced to "unmanned aerial coping forces" organized in riot police, and it is structured to capture drones in a square net hanging on the aircraft. . It seems difficult to maneuver so that the opponent's drones are placed on the net nicely, but it seems to be said that there is the merit that it is not a one-shot type like Robotic Falcon, but that you can repeat attacks over and over again.

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