'Ejaculation on / off switch' that may be an alternative to condoms

When it comes to contraception for men, it's very common to wear a condom.

It's no exaggeration to say that there is no 're-pregnant contraceptive method ' for men other than condoms, but the day may come when you will be able to control ejaculation simply by turning the switch on and off.

Sperm off-switch may offer men reversible contraceptive | Ars Technica

The 'ejaculation on / off switch' was invented by German carpenter Clemens Bimek. Bimek patented the idea in 2000, and in 2009 he had surgery on his body to test whether the switch actually worked. The switch devised by Bimek is called 'Bimek SLV' and will be clinically tested in 25 men in 2016.

Bimek SLV attaches two 'blocking valves' to the vas deferens extending from the testes to intentionally block the route of sperm movement to the urethra. At the time of transplantation, the vas deferens is cut and a 'shutoff valve' is attached to the end. In addition, it seems that there are two devices to be embedded in the body, a non-magnetic metal device using an adhesive material and a device made using a biocompatible polymer.

The following are switch parts that control the opening and closing of valves. It is about this size when held in the hand and is transplanted under the skin.

After transplanting the Bimek SLV, the valve switch is designed to be under the skin, and you can press it to close or open the vas deferens at any time. In other words, if you want to use contraception, you can easily contracept by closing the valve, and if not, just press the switch so that the valve opens. When switched off, sperm are dumped from the vas deferens to the back of the scrotum, which is theoretically thought to be where sperm are reabsorbed into tissues within the body. ..

Mr. Bimek estimates that the total cost of Bimek SLV and transplant surgery will be about $ 5,426 (about 640,000 yen). However, turning the switch on and off does not take effect immediately, and it takes an estimated 30 ejaculations or a period of one month before it takes effect. Also note that this method is not effective in preventing venereal diseases.

In addition, German doctor Spiegel points out the possibility of scratches near the valve of the Bimek SLV and the difficulty of switching. He also commented that spending a long time with the valve open may prevent sperm in the sperm duct from closing the valve.

In addition, Bimek SLV announced in 2015 that Dr. HW Bauer, a urologist from Munich, will cooperate in the development, and in the future, we will raise funds by crowdfunding and recruit volunteers. We are planning.

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