How can we keep pushing ourselves motivated and keeping motivation?


Sometimes it is sometimes difficult to keep trying just towards the goal, but a movie that scientifically explained the reason why you could not achieve the goal you set initially and how you can keep motivating is "The Science Of Motivation"is.

The Science Of Motivation - YouTube

Even if you have goals such as wanting to be promoted in the workplace, want to lose weight, want to quit smoking, it is difficult to push forward towards the goal, and in one survey, "45% of people who give up on New Year's resolutions in one month, There is also the result "exists." Why is it difficult to maintain motivation?

In the experiment conducted at MIT, students were divided into two groups and asked them to carry out two kinds of tasks. First of all it was tasked to "type two keys on the keyboard alternately and keep striking as much as possible in 4 minutes".

The student who struck the key mostly gets a reward, but we gave a difference of 300 dollars for one group's reward and 30 dollars for the other group.

Experimental results reveal that the group that earns 300 dollars earned 95% higher performance than the $ 30 group, and that "money" is an element that motivates you .

Next, we got tasks to solve difficult math problems in the two groups, but we got a result that the group's performance, which gained 300 dollars of high reward, was 32% lower.

This phenomenon is called "distraction effect", and when you tackle a difficult problem, confront a problem concerning money, a problem affecting emotions, people are "what you can achieve by achieving your goals" It will be impossible to concentrate with awareness towards those of you.

Looking at the brain with fMRI, it turns out that the brain movements of "people who are working on something without compensation" and "people working on something for reward purposes" are similar.

However, in the case that "You got a reward at first, but you can not get a reward gradually ..."

It is said that the activities of the striatum and frontal lobe, which is the part of the brain related to motivation, declines and the feeling of "play" originally possessed by humans disappears by obtaining reward .

In other words, the element of "play" has the best influence to maintain motivation. Just by simply going to the gym, I can not choose the right exercise, and in fact 67% of people can not maintain motivation and quit going to the gym.

It is also important how to set goals. People who say "exercise to lose weight" knows that the time spent on exercise is 32% shorter than those who say "exercise because you feel better".

However, optimismistic targets do not always have a positive influence. In a study conducted on 210 women who are trying to quit smoking, those who concentrate only on what "good things happen when smoking cessation is accomplished" and who are not considering the difficulty of quitting smoking, It turned out to be difficult to keep smoking. If you always have an optimistic idea, you misunderstand that the brain has already achieved the goal, motivation will go down.

While taking in play elements, it is best to challenge the goal while predicting that various obstacles are awaiting. This way of thinking is called "mental contrasting".

Finally, we need to avoid "what the hell" effect. In one experiment, we asked a person working on a diet to choose one of the L, M, S sizes of milkshakes and then presented the S · M · L size of ice cream.

People who chose L size of milkshake have come up with the result that Ice cream also chooses L size and it will become a feeling that "Because I drank the L size of milkshake for the first time, I'm already on a diet!" I know that.

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