Creating "Super Mario Maker" on the actual machine of Super Nintendo, making a course & actually playing it

Mario latest work that you can make your own Super Mario course or play with a course created by players from all over the world "Super Mario Maker"Is software for Nintendo Wii U, but how much Super Nintendo's"Super Mario WorldBy remodeling, people who made their own Super Mario Maker have appeared.

How a game - playing robot coded "Super Mario Maker" on an SNES - live on stage | Ars Technica

Tool Assisted Speed ​​Run (TAS)Game dedicated robot to do "TASBot"You can see how the course creation & actual playing with your own Super Mario Maker is from below.

Super Mario World, Marker All-Stars | Twitch plays Mario Very Badly and breaks Mario # AGDQ 10/1/2016 - YouTube

The state of play of the original super mario maker was broadcast live at the game play site Twitch. "Super Mario Collection"Super MARIO ALL - STARS + SUPER MARIO WORLD" with the remake version super mario world was added, TASBot hacked the stage editing function using Super Mario World's vulnerability.

Select the game "Super Mario World".

Select file B.

The game starts in 1 player mode.

The stage of Super Mario World is dinosaur land.

I will enter 'Course 2' on YoSTon Island.

First of all TASBot plays Mario World as usual. Kill Red Squirrel one after another ......

I encountered Yoshi.

I will feed the red sawdust to Yoshi and I will advance the stage at ultra high speed while spitting a flame.

Next we have an apple.

Next I also cheek the green coulis.

While Mario got off from Yoshi, stepping on Choropu that came out from the ground ... ...

Yoshi spit something out of his mouth.

When the mario jumps while cheeking the apple on the right, spitting out to the left ... ...

It turned into a black screen, "MARIO START!" And the game start screen was displayed.

And my own "Super Mario Maker" screen appeared, Twitch's real venue was exciting.

Like super mario makers, we will place parts such as blocks on the screen.

The selected part is displayed in the upper left of the screen, and it is possible to assign different parts to B, X, Y button. It seems to be a future task that the currently selected part and the top part of the course will be displayed overlapping.

It seems that the edging of the block does not seem to be done automatically like a Super Mario Maker, and we will add blocks with edges after block placement.

Unlike Super Mario Maker, characters and parts with movement are moving even while creating a course.

"K. K" which is not mounted on the Super Mario Maker is an enemy character that steps down on the fork and thunder drops down the ground, causing a fire pillar.

There is also an item that does not exist in the super mario maker, nor the kurukuru block which shrinks upwards and downwards left and right.

At the end of the course I draw a letter "YATTA! (Done!)" With a coin.

Where TASBot has finished making the course, it is replaced by a human player. Turn the start button twice and return to the starting point and start the test play, Mario appeared on the left side of the screen.

The yellow cactus "Sambo" is avoided by spin jumping as the thorn grows.

K.K is getting in the way if I try to go ahead, so I can not pass.

Mario is trying to get some mushrooms, but K. K does not move from the standing position, so he gets damaged.

It is a challenge again from the start point.

"Ponkey" to sprinkle red objects like pollen, and keys and hidden goals can be arranged by our own super mario maker.

Furthermore, you can destroy the block at the start point and replace it with another part.

While playing ......

Suddenly the game crashed and the display of the block messed up.

The entire screen was destroyed to an unidentifiable level.

I managed to return to the starting point and display Mario and resume test play. However, due to the effect of the crash Mario's movement has become a considerably slow motion.

Mario goes on a course while recalling the first test play, but hits an invisible enemy.

I managed to reach the goal point somehow.

In addition, this self-made Super Mario Maker is a charity event of TAS that is held twice a year "Games Done QuickWhat was announced in. Games Done Quick said that he is donating support for cancer patients by live delivery of Twitch and donating it as an activity fee for medical and humanitarian aid organizations such as "Doctors Without Borders".

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