'Sucking smartphone', Android smartphone built in electronic cigarette 'Jupiter'

Built on a smartphone with a battery-powered "electronic cigarette", smart phones that can smoke can smoke whenever you want, while you phone and email anything you want, "Jupiter"is.

Jupiter ™ Cellular Vaping - Vaporcade ™

You can see from CEST 2016 that the reporter of The Verge is actually sucking Jupiter in the movie and can see it from the following.

I just smoked a smartphone -CES 2016 - YouTube

Jupiter is the smartphone that men have in hand.

A thing like an antenna extending from the main body has become a mouthpiece, and when it is sucked, it can vaporize the flavor that is put inside and can suck it.

It is also possible to dress a bit while he is calling.

The OS is equipped with Android 4.4 (KitKat), also supports setting of suction volume from specialized application. Two batteries are built in for smartphones and for electronic cigarettes, but since two batteries can be shared, adjusting the smoking amount of the electronic cigarette can increase the use time of the smartphone. Since normal electronic cigarette is driven by a battery, charging is necessary, but if you have it you will be able to smoke an electronic cigarette at any time simply by charging a smartphone.

The cartridge is attached to the top of the main unit, and you can check the remaining amount of liquid by lighting the LED. The special liquid has a flavor such as mint, peach, coffee, etc. It is said that it is possible to smoke for 800 times equivalent to 4 cigarettes in 6 ml liquid. Liquid also contains 14 mg nicotine.

Also, the exclusive liquid contains a replaceable cartridge containing liquid in the following cases. It seems not to add up liquid liquid.

If you install an optional hose, you can squeeze the electronic cigarette without having to take your eyes off the screen of the smartphone.

In addition, Jupiter develops two models with 3G version "Jupiter IO 3" and 4G (LTE) compatible "Jupiter IO 4". Jupiter IO 3 is already on sale and the price is $ 299 (about 35,000 yen).

Jupiter ™ IO ™ 3: 3G Cellular Vaping Phone - Vaporcade

Jupiter IO 4 will be released in early 2016, the price is 499 dollars (about 58,000 yen). Early reservation is accepted on the following page. Also,Special cartridgeThere is one for $ 14.99 (about 1700 yen).

Jupiter ™ IO ™ 4: 4 G LTE Cellular Vaping Phone - Vaporcade

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