No need for smartphone 4G LTE compatible LINE can also Kyocera's Garaka "GRATINA 4G" haste photo review

New services offering 5 GB each month until 25 years old, new products such as smartphones and tablets releasedAu presentation 2016 Spring"It is compatible with 4 G LTE and can also browse and LINE universal Garaka"GRATINA 4G"Appeared, actual machines were exhibited at the touch & trie venue, so I've been touching to the utmost extent.

From high-quality and easy au original brand "Qua" series, au lineup for students and families from Garaho! | 2016 | KDDI CORPORATION

GRATINA 4G | Sumaho latest model 2016 Spring model | au

Touch & Try I came to the booth of GRATINA 4 G in the venue.

This is GRATINA 4G.

GRATINA 4G is developed in four colors of green, pink, white, black.

GRATINA 4 G is a 1.1 GHz / 4 CPUMSM 8909The memory is about 8 GB ROM and about 1 GB RAM. In addition to tethering, it also supports waterproofing, dustproofing and shock resistance, and it can be used in any place regardless of indoor or outdoor.

The size of the closed state is about 51 x 113 x 16.7 mm, and the compactness of the Garage is as it is. The weight is about 130 g.

The collapsed part is equipped with a mini display that displays radio condition, notification, time.

On the back is the camera with about 8 million pixels.

It is like this when opening the display part.

Approximately 3.4 inch TFT display. On the screen you can display shortcuts such as clock widgets, notes, and news, as well as allow the user to freely customize the placement.

The physical key has improved on the previous model and pushability is improving.

The operation is basically performed with the four-way controller, but you can also operate by touching the inside of the red frame of the image.

Bottom side.

There is a manner / shutter button on the left side.

Qualcomm logo was also included.

This is the right side.

Only the Micro-USB port is on the right side.

GRATINA 4G is compatible with high-speed 4G LTE and can use LINE. I actually tried exchanging messages, but I was able to send friends applications and stamps as well.

I have displayed GIGAZINE in the browser. Operational comfort is not as good as smart phones, but it's not too slow.

GRATINA 4G is scheduled to be released sequentially after February 2016.

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