Intel bought Drone's development maker, aiming for Intel also to drone

Semiconductor giant Intel has started to develop droning programsAscending TechnologiesWe announced that it will acquire. Next to Intel's computer CPU market, it is like a drone market what Intel aimed.

Intel Acquires Ascending Technologies - Technology @ Intel

Intel was a keynote speech at CES 2015, introducing a drone technology that could fly without collision. The German-based startup Ascending Technologies acquired this time was developing the software of the automatic collision avoidance drone used here.

Computing technology summary of Intel's "Future right there" released by Intel - GIGAZINE

Ascending Technologies is a startup that develops Drone's flight program mainly for enterprises that develop drone, and an automatic flight program such as "sense and avoid" algorithm that recognizes surveying drone flight software and surrounding circumstances and avoids conflicts Has been developed.

As of last year, Intel and Ascending Technologies have signed a partnership without contribution, camera technology "RealSense" capable of detecting "depth" developed by Intel is offered to Ascending Technologies and this technical partnership It was a collision avoidance drone that was completed as a result of the project.

Although Intel does not disclose the amount of Ascending Technologies acquisition, etc. Ascending Technologies' independence will remain to a certain extent after the acquisition, and Ascending Technologies currently supports a partner company that offers drone programs It is said that it will be continued. Ascending Technologies' team will cooperate with Intel's Perceptual Computing team to develop technology for drone.

Regarding the utilization of droneGoogleYaAmazonVarious IT companies have announced entry, and Qualcomm, which is a direct competitor of Intel in the mobile semiconductor market, also said recently that the main board for drone "Snapdragon FlightWe announced and announced participation in the drone market.

Next-generation drone demo movie using "Snapdragon Flight" that can develop autonomously flyable drones at a low price - GIGAZINE

Whether Intel is looking at the expanding drone market as a promising market to replace the shrinking CPU market, Intel's future trend seems to attract attention. Intel is planning a keynote address by CEO Brian Kruzanich at CES 2016 pre-show to be held on January 5, 2016 of the local time, and there is a possibility to clarify the prospects of drone development in this.

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