The whole story until the completion of the model of a huge humpback whale has been released

Scrap the polystyrene block to complete the model of a full-size humpback whale, and the whole part of the appearance until it is displayed in the aquariumImgurIt is open to the public. It is possible to see the scene of model making at overwhelming scale that can not be seen rarely.

Life-size humpback whale sculpture, I made one. - Album on Imgur

That's why 32 polystyrene blocks of 4 × 3 × 8 feet (1.2 × 0.91 × 2.4 meters) are prepared first. It is also overwhelmingly large compared to adult men.

It converts photos to 3D modelsAutodesk 123D CatchAnd 3D model softwareSketchUpWe will expand the 3D model of humpback whale created using the actual size and draw a sketch in the box. The part of the box where the man is riding is the part of the hump head whale.

It was said that the box was cut with a heated wire.

Although the work of shaving was done while referring to the model, it is very difficult and it seems that redoing was done many times.

Considering the size of transportation and building doors, humpback whales can be disassembled for each part, and it is necessary to make it a mechanism that can be assembled inside the building.

Therefore, the framework was also designed to be broken down at the body part and the tail part. Below is the framework of the tail part.

This completes preparation of model and framework for each part. I can not imagine what kind of model the polystyrene lump still appears in the picture.

Subsequently, the model is temporarily assembled for coating and coloring. Hang the head while moving it ... ...

Joining with the fuselage. The yellow part of the head seems to have thought that "a little more volume is needed?", But he said that it was not actually necessary.

Even just the head and torso are pretty huge. It seems there were days when the sharpness reaches six large bags of 55 gallons (208 liters) in all.

The framework of the tail part is welded. Welding is done with polystyrene wrapped around the framework. Since polystyrene is easy to burn, work was done with a fire extinguisher at hand.

Approximately 3.6 m of pectoral fin and about 4.2 m of dorsal fin are added to the fuselage.

This is how almost all parts are joined. Along with the huge humpback whale, a child whale about 5.8 m was made.

To perform the coating, polystyrene is wrapped with mesh material and humps called nodules are stuck together. The seams are still visible now, but seams will be erased from now.

Humpback whale's eyes look like this. Twelve prototypes were created until completion.

When I touched on the model, it looked like a living thing at once. Coating is also applied, the seams are gone.

It looks like a pumpkin, but what is lining is a model of a barnacle that attaches to humpback whales.

And finally to paint.

This is a painted humpback whale. The left pectoral fin had no space to stick together, so it seems that painting was done separately.

Dismantle the finished humpback whale again for transport.

The appearance that the head of a humpback whale is carried on the loading platform of the truck is very surreal.

And it was taken to the aquarium cafeteria, and it took 10 days to assemble. The expected weight was 2720 kg, but eventually it became about 1905 kg, and it succeeded in weight reduction.

Looking from the side like this.

from a different angle. It is an overwhelming presence.

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