I tried PABLO's "Ichigo Daifuku cheese tart" that "Washi" and "Hiroshi" fuse at a high level

A melting cheese tart specialty store PABLO (Pablo) using "rare" cheese, this season's cheese tart as "Ichigo Daifuku cheese tart"Is on sale for a limited time. I tried to eat which sweet tart of the elegant taste like a New Year seems to be gorgeous.

Seasonal Cheese Tart 【Quantity Limited】 Monthly, limited tart with seasonal fruit

Strawberry Daifuku Cheese Tart is the same size as other PABLO Cheese Tart.

If you slide from the box, red, blue, pink and ornate tart will appear.

As seasonal cheese tarts, it is said that it treats strawberries of season now.

Blueberries and other strawberries ......

The pink color of the crust.

Crispy pie cloth on the outside.

The size is slightly larger than iPhone 6. It is small sweets that can be enjoyed by about 5 to 6 people.

We cut with a knife according to pie cloth.

Thanks to the pie cloth, the stability feeling is outstanding. Even after cutting it is vivid and brilliant.

On the PABLO specially made cheese tart fabric, it has a three-layer structure of cream and crusher entangled.

First of all, we will have a tip cheese tart with strawberries. The moist cheese cream of elegant sweetness is very compatible with strawberries with strong sourness, and I will strike the tongue drum unexpectedly.

However, "Ichigo Daifuku cheesed tart", but the main point is the part of Gyunitsutsuno cream.

Pakuri with blueberries on. A taste of sweet taste and sweet taste, sweetness modest chewy moist and moist and smooth eating taste very elegant taste.

The sweetness of Tsuyuan + Gyuhi stands out by strawberries with strong sour taste, which is a perfect balance.

Cheese tart 's "western" and Tsuzuan' s "sum" are more compatible than imagined.

It was a splendid Japanese and Western style.

PABLO's seasonal tart "Ichigo Daifuku Cheese Tart" is 1800 yen including tax, it is a limited-time item until January 31, 2016.

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