I went to "EXPO '70 Pavilion" which can see the real material of the Osaka World Expo 60 million people visited and listen to music performance

After closing "Expo Japan Expo" held in Osaka in 1970, the pavilion siteExpo Memorial ParkIn the vicinity there is a large commercial facility "EXPOCITY (Expo City)And Gamba Osaka'sNew stadiumEtc. have been constructed and are changing. In the Expo Memorial Park, the memorial hall of the Osaka Expo in March 2010EXPO '70 PavilionAlthough it is open, I went to see what it looks like in five years since opening.

EXPO '70 Pavilion | Welcome to EXPO' 70 Pavilion!

Since "EXPO '70 Pavilion" is in the Expo Memorial Park, we walk from Osaka Monorail's Expo Memorial Park Station.

Looking backward, a large-scale foundation facility "Expo City" built on the site of Expoland is spreading.

I will walk toward the sun's tower ......

I will purchase an admission ticket at the Expo Memorial Park at the ticket office. Admission is 250 yen for adults and 70 yen for children.

Tickets are painted with a sun tower.

From the central entrance to the garden at once.

Go through the entrance, the sun tower in front.

Since the EXPO '70 Pavilion is on the east side of the Expo Memorial Park, go to the sun tower and proceed to the right hand.

I walked about 3 minutes and arrived at EXPO '70 Pavilion. The building of "Iron and steel building", one of the pavilions of the Osaka World Expo, is used as it is, and about 80 items 3000 items are exhibited in the exhibition space of about 2000 square meters.

Early entry from the entrance.

The entrance part of the first floor is like this. There was a huge hall called "Space Theater" in the hall of the Iron and Steel House, and at the time of the Expo, the first floor part was used as foyer. Currently, various exhibits are placed in a wide space.

In front of the entrance is "acoustic sculpture" by French sculptor Francois Pacher.

Mr. Pache made a total of 17 acoustic sculptures in various forms, but some were left asleep in the warehouse after they were dismantled into pieces after the closing of the Expo. Therefore, in 2013, restoration was done by experts of Kyoto City University of Arts, and acoustic sculptures that regained their appearance at that time are exhibited in foyer.

The following musical instrument sculptures play a sound by wetting your fingers with water.

Bunraku doll which was exhibited as a symbol of common people's culture in the Edo era at No. 1 building of the Japanese pavilion, and played the work by an automatic device.

A model of domestic company's pavilion was also exhibited. The Hitachi Pavilion was a near future design such as UFO, and after having finished watching the inside of the hall, it was a structure that descends from the 4th floor towards the ground for a long escalator.

In the document reading corner, you can freely see valuable materials of the Osaka Expo.

This is a facility drawing of the venue.

Aerial photos of the venue before the Expo ... ...

All the design drawings of Osaka World Expo are packed, including the layout map of pavilions and parking lots.

The books are also crowded with bookshelves.

A collection of records on which the number of visitors and events during the World Expo are written every day.

The official record photo collection contains pictures clearly showing the state at the time.

You can browse 3D images of pavilion on PC ......

You can see the events during the Expo period on the record collection, the weather of the day, the guests in detail one day at a time.

There is also a shop handling goods related to the Osaka Expo.

A few valuable goods at the time of the Osaka Expo are sold as well.

The tower of the sun transforms three steps to tower → robot → super weapon activation typeRobo of superalloy solar tower.

It is like this when it comes to Robo mode.

There was also a sun tower of paper craft.

Although a pattern is drawn on the front and back of the sun tower, a tile is pasted instead of a paint, and a tear-off piece removed when Heisei tower 's "Tower of the Sun" was repaired is sold in limited quantity It is.

The flags of the countries that participated in the Expo in Osaka were also decorated.

Since there is a charge for the exhibition space on the second floor, we purchase admission tickets for adults of ¥ 200 to enter. Admission is free for junior high school students and below.

After purchasing an admission ticket, go through the reception, go up the stairs and proceed to the second floor.

There is a commemorative stamp that was set up at the pavilion of the Expo in Osaka at the landing of the first floor stairway, and you can press the stamp freely.

I pressed all eight stamps on the mount.

As you go up the stairs, there is a huge model of landscape.

This is a model of "Symbol Zone" that is 150 m in width and 1000 m in length, corresponding to the central part of the Osaka Expo site.

Although it is now being removed, at the time of holding, a large roof was set around the tower of the sun, and the bottom of the roof was "festival square".

On the display set up at the window, a movie reflecting the past world expositions held around the world was played.

Proceed to the right along the way.

On the wall, posters at the time ... ...

An exhibit of a sample collection of logos.

The symbol mark which shaped the flowers of cherry blossoms shows that the size of the circle and the angle of the cut were decided very finely.

In the photo that left the situation at that time, the figure of Mr. Taro Okamoto who produced the Tower of the Sun was also reflected.

This is the design drawing of each pavilion.

As we went through the aisle, it was possible for the architect Kunio Maekawa to enter the "Space Theater" which produced and designed.

However, I can not enter the audience seats and can only see the state of the theater through the glass. A circular machine hanging from the ceiling is a speaker, and a total of 1000 speakers or more are installed in the air or on the wall under the concept "the building itself is an instrument".

The audience seats are arranged in a mortar shape toward the central circular stage. The space theater was closed simultaneously with the closing of the Expo, and it was preserved unpublished until 2010.

Forty years have passed since construction, the ceiling and walls were a bit painful.

A model of theater looks like this.

Every few minutes the performances which reproduced the performance at that time were being done, and the light shines brilliantly throughout the whole hall in accordance with the musical strange sound. The feet of the audience seems to shine glittering and it seems that we are now using LED bulbs to recreate the performance at the time.

The state of the performance where sound and light are fused can be confirmed in the following movie.

I listened to the music at the time of the World Expo at the space theater of the EXPO '70 Pavilion in the memorial hall of the Expo Osaka - YouTube

Leave the space theater and proceed along the way. The following exhibits are the orders of the Osaka Expo. The population of Japan is(PDF file)Over 100 Million PeopleHaving just boasted more than 60 million visitors at that time in 1970, half of the people visited the Osaka World Expo by simple calculation, and it will be surprised again by the magnitude of Expo Osaka Expo .

Next to the wall, the venue map of the Osaka World Expo is printed on all over the ceiling.

A panel displaying the clothes of those days.

A patch for lost child was devised so that parents and children could hold a ticket each time and if they got lost, they could find the number quickly by finding the number by computer.

In addition, there is a pattern in the ticket for children, and if you move it left and right, you can see that the butterfly flies as if it is flapping. In addition to butterflies, various patterns such as birds, tulips, stars, rockets existed.

This picture is a technique called "stereo printing" that Toppan Printing adopted utility model, and it seems that it was adopted as various printed materials of Expo Osaka in addition to a lost child patch.

Lost child patch Minolta camera provided lost child search system. Got a lost patch with a patch stand installed near the entrance, and have parent and child → If you get lost, it is a system that finds out by number by number. For children, there is a safety pin ...

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As means of transport within the venue, moving walks, rainbow / cableway, electric cars, monorail etc were prepared.

At the top of the "Expo Tower" used as an observation platform / relay station, it is used as an aircraft sign light and the real thing of a xenon floodlight.

A pavilion brochure lined all over the wall.

It is a pamphlet making full use of the individuality of each pavilion, such as the Japanese pavilion, the Greek pavilion, the Bulma pavilion, the French pavilion and the Arab Republic.

The rainbow tower and the Korean pavilion pamphlet can actually be viewed over the hands.

As you go to the back, the pavilion's exterior pictures are lining up on the wall.

Here you can also see detailed pictures of each pavilion. Many people filled up at the American Pavilion where the "Space Development Exhibition" was going to see at the first exhibition of the "Moon Stone" and the actual exhibit of the Apollo 8 command ships.

In the Soviet pavilion, photographs of Gagarin who succeeded in manned manned space flight for the first time in human beings, and exhibition of Vostok 1, etc. were done.

Not only the photograph but also the movie containing the appearance of the pavilion at that time was flowing.

Exhibition of the uniform of the hostess (guide) of each pavilion.

One piece in which the contrast between red and white is eye-catching is the costume worn by women in the guide clerk called "Expo flower". I was in charge of the ticket gate at the entrance of 172 locations in the hall and the guide of the moving walkway.

The security guards' attire is calm blue and gray impressive. It seems he had arranged a long queue at the time of opening as a queue guard named "Buffalo Operation" or distributed a blanket and food to visitors who could not get on the last train and had to do a homeless at the venue.

In addition to EXPO '70 Pavilion, Expo City food court "FOOD PAVILION (Food Pavilion)But you can see the uniform of the hostess.

Opened at the same time with the Osaka Expo,Closed in 2007Map of that time Expo land. The course of the roller coaster "Daedara Zaurus" is a characteristic feature that runs throughout the park.

In the record inside the venue, the following cameras, microphones, radio equipment etc. were used.

It seems that the electric bicycle was used as a means of moving the staff in a large venue.

A 6-seater electric vehicle was used for visitors to move in the hall.

A pictogram expressing the guide inside the hall only by illustration.

Pictogram first appeared at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, spreading Osaka World Expo worldwide.

From Monday, November 16, 2015 to January 12 th (Tuesday), 2016, a special exhibition "EXPO '70 Moyoshimono" summarizing the events held during the Osaka World Expo was held.

Materials of music, theater and musical events held at various halls and theaters in the hall are gathered.

Also in the guidebook of the Osaka World Expo, there was an article featuring features on events.

Also, a movie of about 20 minutes containing the appearance of the event is being played, it looks pretty awesome.

I will return to the permanent exhibition. All the models that reproduced the pavilion of the whole venue were all made with paper craft.

There were more books on the ground floor than there were materials in the reading room on the first floor.

The Osaka World Expo, which closed on September 13, 1970, will redevelop the venue as a "World Exposition Memorial Park."

A plan for the completion of the park in 2000 was made.

The residual structure of the pavilion is also used in the part of the park's embankment.

The situation of the venue just after closing is as follows.

In 1978 most pavilions have been removed.

A state of 1984.

Green grew quite lively in 2006. The exhibition is over here. We were able to see all the exhibits in around 1 hour and 30 minutes including the exhibition exhibition.

The opening hours of the EXPO '70 Pavilion are from Wednesday, January 2 to December 27, from 10 o'clock to 17 o'clock (entrance is at 16:30), and regular holidays are on Wednesdays.

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