"The four painters" which converted the live-action image to Van Gogh or Katsushika Hokusai in artificial intelligence "deep learning"

To classify data by imitating human neural circuits "neural networkMachine learning withDeep learning"With the progress of research, artificial intelligence technology has made a dramatic evolution now. Deep learning has a high image discrimination ability, and it seems to me that the landscape photograph has been a picture of Van Gogh or PicassoAttempt to convertAlthough it was done, etc., now that this technology can be easily used by using framework, the artistTAKUYAIs a strange movie that converted live-action images to famous painter's style "The four painters"Is produced.

In the following blog, it explains what kind of movie the four painters are.

I made a video work using Deep Learning | dancing dog .net

For example, the illustration drawn by TAKUYA is kore. Plants are drawn with colorful line drawings with black background.

The original photo to convert is the streets of Europe. If this picture is imitated with the image of the above image ...

It will be like this.

In this way, it will be interesting if it is made into a picture? That is why I will make live-action video a picture of a famous painter. The combination is as follows, first of all, Van Gogh's "Star Moon Night" ...

Picture of jellyfish.

Munch's cry and ...

Sunlight leaves day that we took it in a neighborhood park.

Kiyoshi Yamashita's "Nagaoka Fireworks" ... ...

Rose flowers open pictures.

Katsushika Hokusai's "Sea Mosquito Bottle" and ...

Wave image.

The following movie was completed by combining these.

Vimeothe four painters

Jellyfish swimming underwater.

When lighting changes, Van Gogh's unique touch is highlighted.

It is strange that the picture goes on steadily with Van Gogh's style.

A thing like a swell is drawn firmly, and it looks like oil painting when you look at the image.

Below is a combination of Munch 's scream and images of sunburning through. It is somewhat graphic, but this is certainly like an oil painting atmosphere.

And the picture which the rose is blossoming and the "Nagaoka fireworks" combined with Yamashita Kiyoshi are the following.

Bud that gradually hovers.

To the beautiful picture in which the stipple also looks like a jewel.

The unique image of Katsushika Hokusai is appearing all over the image of the wave.

It looks like an animated finish.

The work was done on the iMac, it seems that it took a month to complete. A joint can be seen in the video, but this is because the GPU memory was 2 GB, so it was divided into 4 and the work was progressed.

In addition, Mr. TAKUYA uses deep learning to analyze taste based on the picture of ramen he ate and find a ramen shop that offers similar ramen "Noodle luckWe also released an application called "

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