Fresh fruit tiny fruit killfevon such as big strawberries 2015 I ate three kinds of Christmas cakes

Three types of Christmas cakes (tarts) with various flavors and shapes in Kilfevon, which manufactures and sells tarts with fruits scattered on one side "~ Tart Premier ~ Fruit Lease Tart"Multicolored fruit tart ~ white chocolate flavor ~"Brittany "Le Girl" cream cheese mousse tart"Has appeared in the Christmas season of 2015. In order to ascertain the taste of each, I reserved all three kinds and tried it.

2015 Christmas cake Sticking tarts, cakes shop. Kilphebon

Arrived at Kilfevon. Many customers were lined up waiting for the eat-in at the shop front. Despite weekdays, the wait time for eat-in was 45 minutes and it was quite popular.

However, since this time we are going home, we go straight to the cash register.

When I showed the reservation table, I got a tart ready.

What I brought back was Kore. It is contained in a huge paper box. Only ~ tart premier ~ tart of fruit lease "is one size larger than it, so a large box of Christmas specification was used.

When I opened the box at once, colorful fruits studded on the tarts are brilliant.

When arranging three types of tarts, the size "~ tart premier ~ fruit lease tart" on the left side is one size larger. Every tart is made with big strawberry, raspberry, blueberry.

"~ Tart Premier ~ Fruit Lease Tart"Is a donut-shaped tart that imaged a Christmas lease, 28 cm size for 9 to 10 people is 10,196 yen including tax, 20 cm size for 5 to 6 people is tax included 6739 yen. This time I bought a 20 cm size. Along with the iPhone 6s Plus, the diameter is a bit longer than the iPhone.

First of all, pull out the cylinder stabbed in the hole in the middle and take out the sugar confection inside.

Return the barrel to the hole and decorate the hut and rabbit of sugar confectionery in the lid part ... ...

Completed with such feeling.

On the surface of the tart, strawberries, raspberries, kampa, blueberries, chestnuts, blackberries ... ....

Chestnuts with astringent skin, nuts, large and small grapes.

The tart cookie dough is a brown cloth mixed with cocoa.

The cut section has fruits, orange apricot mousse, brown nut mousse, cookie dough overlapping.

I tried to serve a piece on a plate. Compared to general tart, there is considerable thickness.

When I tried it, apricot mousse was as tasty as possible, and it was compatible with the fragrant flavor of thick nut mousse with finely crushed nuts. The cocoa-flavored cookie dough is a thick crispy chewy cream that can be enjoyed indefinitely, and the bitter flavor of cocoa slightly spreads in the aftertaste.

Strawberries are big enough to protrude from the top of the fork, strong acidity and refreshing taste.

The berry type such as blackberry, raspberry and blueberry also has a stronger acidity and it was just right balance when you eat it with a thick mousse.

Skin grapes are fresh enough to overflow with juice and juice chewing and feature sweetness and sourness.

The chestnut contains two kinds of sweet cooked with astringent skin and no skin, and the tart is rich in color. Both skinned and leather-free were richly elegant taste.

As a tart's toppings, rare kumquat is processed into sweet-and-sour cooked, the body is soft, the balance of sweet, sour and bitterness is exquisite. Since chestnuts and kumquat are covered, it is a strange feeling that you are eating New Year's Osechi dish rather than Christmas cake.

next"Brittany "Le Girl" cream cheese mousse tartI'll eat it. A pretty tart with white rabbits jumping around the strawberry that imaged a red flower poinsettia, 19 cm size for 5 to 6 people is 5451 yen including tax, 15 cm size for 2 to 3 people is 3394 yen including tax. This time I bought a 15 cm size.

The diameter is about the same as the length of the iPhone 6s Plus.

The strawberries are decorated like a petal from the center toward the outside.

The yellow petals in the middle part are represented by mango.

The rabbit is made of white chocolate.

Dark green leaves are also chocolate.

Blueberries and raspberries are alternately arranged on the edge of the tart.

Try cutting and the section looks like this. French · Brittany region "Le Girl"Cheese mousse and sponge using plenty of natural cream cheese are alternately overlapped, and under the fruit cream is also topped.

When trying to eat, the cream cheese mousse is fluffy and soft, and the thick flavor of cheese spreads in the mouth. Since it is tailored to a mousse shape with Assassi, the mouthfeel is light and the strawberries are fresh, so the feeling is balanced with the rich flavor of cheese.

Fresh fruits such as blueberries and raspberries are refreshing as well.

The rabbit chocolate looks just cute but also sweetness just right.

The leaf's chocolate was thick and was satisfied with eating.

Even after that I used fruits luxuriously, "Multicolored fruit tart ~ white chocolate flavor ~". The 21 cm size for 7 to 8 people is 5863 yen, the 17 cm size for 3 to 4 people is 3908 yen, this time I bought the 17 cm size.

There are plenty of big strawberries in the center.

I am directing Christmas atmosphere using red and green fruits.

Snow crystal type white chocolate accent.

Fruits such as oranges and peaches are also on top.

Cut it for a piece and put it on a plate and it looks like this.

Green fruits are those called "young peppers" which were processed into sweet-and-sour cooked small fruits culled in the course of raising peaches. When eating, the texture is peach itself, a refreshing refreshing taste than a ripe peach.

Inside of young peach was like this, it was two layers of green and white.

Under the fruit, white chocolate flavored custard fabric & pie cloth is folded over, and when you try it you can feel the thick chocolate flavor and rich flavor. Crispy pie cloth was used for the thick part of the fabric, and the outer tart part was finished with a lighter texture than the other two Christmas cakes.

Even though I tried it together with fruits, the sweetness of the dough won, and it was the sweetest impression among the three kinds of tarts.

Snow crystal type white chocolate also has topping, so it is recommended for chocolate lovers.

In addition, Kirufenbon's Christmas cake needs reservation in the shop beforehand, but in fact the reception for 2015 has already ended. When the reservation reception is startedOfficial siteAs there are announcements at, please check the site before Christmas, "If you think that you want to eat Kilfevon's Christmas cake next year!"

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