Smart mattress cover "Eight" which can also warm the bed automatically when sleeping and can also learn the user's appropriate temperature and schedule it

In the cold winter season, the bed futon is warming cold, and even if it goes into the futon, I will thrill until I get warm at body temperature. Such a "smart mattress cover that automatically makes beds warmer when sleeping" that has come true is to have the dream of "Wish the bed is warm when sleeping ..." "Eight"is.


This is Eight of the Smart Mattress Cover. The cover that covers the mattress, not the mattress itself, is the Eight body. I will record and analyze the user's sleep pattern and bedroom environment using 15 factors. As a result, we learn the temperature at which the user can have the best sleep as we use it.

The size of Eight is full size (equivalent to double size), Queen, King, CALI King, but if you sleep with two people you can also set the temperature separately on the left and right.

Eight has released a special application, you can control the temperature of Eight from the smartphone through the application. In the application, you can perform settings and operations like "Display the current temperature" and "Notify when the temperature approaches the set temperature".

In addition to setting the schedule of heat retention / stop by specifying the date and time, you can also turn on / off the power from the application. Since it has an automatic power off function, it is said that it will never become attached.

In addition, there are electric blankets etc. in similar products, depending on the product may have functions such as "automatic power off" "left and right temperature control" "schedule setting", "user's optimal temperature learning" Auto preheat "," Smart heat insulation "," smartphone control "etc. are unique functions of Eight.

Eight can cooperate with "Nest Thermostat" of the smart air-conditioning regulator, and you can operate such as slightly lowering the room temperature when entering the bed fitted with Eight.

We can also work with Apple and Google's healthcare applications and IoT devices such as smart light bulbs. Because it also supports IFTTT, depending on the idea IoT devices will be increased to provide a convenient smart appliance life.

In addition, Eight is accepting advance reservations from the website. The price of the full size (about 190 cm × about 137 cm) and the price of the queen (about 152.4 cm × about 203 cm) is 249 dollars (about 30,000 yen), the King (about 1.93 cm × about 203 cm) is 269 dollars (about 32,800 yen ), CALI King (about 183 cm × about 213 cm) is 289 dollars (about 35,000 yen). Regardless of size, shipping fee to Japan is $ 50 (about 6000 yen), you can receive a discount of 20 dollars (about 2400 yen) by entering the holiday seasonal coupon code displayed when opening the website. 99 dollars (about 12,000 yen) will be withdrawn as a down payment from the price, and the balance will be withdrawn at the time of shipping in April 2016.

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