Evidence is found that "Stonehenge" was born in Wales

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The ruins of a prehistoric mystery that is 13 km northwest of Salisbury in southern England are "Stonehenge"is. There are several huge stones in a circle shape, and there are some stones called "Blue Stone" arranged in a horseshoe shape. As we investigated further about the Blue Stone, the findings supporting the fact that "Stonehenge is born in Wales far away, not in the current place" were announced.

Stonehenge may have been first erected in Wales, evidence suggests | UK news | The Guardian

For a long time, a horseshoe shaped blue stone at Stonehenge has been thought to have been carried 140 miles (about 225 km) from Priscelli hill in Pembrokeshire. However, by a new survey, it is located in the north of the Presley hillKhan GondogYaCraig Roth A FerlingIt was revealed that the rocks of rocks with exposed megaliths coincided in size and shape with Stonehenge 's blue stone. Further investigations have revealed the existence of rocks that were cut from the rocks but left untouched and "shipping places" that were thought to have been used to transport rocks.

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Furthermore, a bonbon charcoal which was thought to have been done by workers working in the shell of the carbonized hazelnut and the quarry was found,Radioactive carbon datingIt is also clear when the blue stone was quarryed by doing.

It is the director of Stonehenge's research projectUniversity College LondonProfessor Mike Parker Pearson. "This is very surprising.We found evidence that Blue Stone was quarried from Craig · Ros a · Felin, around 3400 BC, Khan Gondog around 3200 BC From these information, Judging that Blue Stone was built with the current Stonehenge it is not a long time ago than 2900 BC This is a very attractive hypothesis, "Pearson said.

In addition, "In this case, it took about 500 years to pull the blue stone around the Neolithic Age and bring it to Stonehenge, but in my opinion it seems almost impossible. It is more natural to think that Blue Stone is being used as a regional monument at the beginning and it is decomposed and taken to Britain during the period.It is natural that people of ancient times were in Wales I think that the monument built near the place is the first stone henge, and the stone hengees of those we know are those "used items" and that possibility is higher. " Professor Pearson.

In addition to Professor Pearson, archaeologists from several universities such as Manchester University, Bournemouth University, Southampton University, etc. participate in the research project of Stonehenge,Antiquity JournalIt was made public.

Professor Kate Welham of Bournemouth University says, "We are conducting geophysical investigations, and through the excavation work of the ruins and analysis of the aerial photographs, we are trying to figure out a powerful place as the point where the monument was broken down And it seems likely to be a result of the survey, and it may be a big discovery in 2016, "he says.

The archaeologists estimate that 80 monoliths in Stonehenge are less than 2 tons each. It is thought that these were put on a wooden warp and pulled with a person or a bull on the top of a wooden rail that was laid like a rail. According to Professor Pearson, there may be cases where Madagascar Island and other areas formed communities by gathering people from a distance in order to carry standing stones. Professor Pearson said: "The latest inference about Stonehenge is" Stonehenge is like a "symbol of unity", and a lot of people gathered from the UK using it. "

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