A movie that explained the difference between "depression" and "depression" in an easy-to-understand manner by illustration

It is a psychological phenomenon that happens to anyone, although feeling depressed if there is something disgusting. A movie that explains by saying that illustration is easy to understand that such "depression" and "depression" as a mental disease are similar to each other is made public.

What is depression? - Helen M. Farrell - YouTube

It is said that 10% of adults in the United States are suffering from depression.

But depression can not be quantified, so it may be difficult to understand just like "high cholesterol level" because it is a mental disorder.

It is one of the biggest causes of confusion that difficulty in understanding the difference between "depression" and "depression".

Sometimes, feelings fall down is for everyone. When my grades are bad, when I get unemployed, when I've got a quarrel with someone, or just raining, I may be attacked by a sad feeling.

There is no clear trigger for such a change in feelings ... ...

Although sorrowful feelings may be blown away by passing through, it is regarded as an extremely normal phenomenon.

"Depression" as a mental illness is completely different, and if you strive for a depressed mood, you will never leave.

At least for two weeks will continue to fill up, which will also have an adverse effect on our daily lives. For example, even if you want to do work ... ...

I do not feel like playing.

Even in love affair, when my loved one is next to me, I feel sad and can not stop my tears, and it will act remarkably on all sides.

Depression causes various symptoms. Depressed mood, loss of interest in favorite things ... ...

The way of feeling of desire such as appetite also changes, and it will become to feel my existence worthlessness and feel lost.

Either sleep sleeps too much or sleeps.

Declining concentration is also one of the symptoms, and it has also been confirmed that behavior is delayed due to lack of calmness and a decrease in motivation.

It is also included in the symptoms of depression that you think to "want to commit suicide" many times. According to guidelines of psychiatry, those who apply at least five of these symptoms are said to be diagnosed with depression in the hospital.

It is known that depression causes not only specific symptoms but also physical influence on the brain such as the volume of the frontal lobe and the hippocampus becoming smaller.

Neurotransmitters such as serotonin · norepinephrine · dopamine abnormally secretion · decrease · · ·

It has also been found that the rhythm of the 24-hour cycle goes wrong, or abnormality occurs in a specific sleep cycle such as REM sleep, and symptoms causing hormonal abnormality such as an increase in cortisol value have been found.

However, neuroscientists do not elucidate the overall picture of symptoms derived from depression.

According to one opinion, depression is thought to be related to the combined action of "gene" and "environment". It is hard to understand that "it seems to be recovering and actually suffering in fact" because it is a psychiatric disorder in which some experts and physicians have not fully elucidated.

Medical treatment that secretes chemical substances in the brain is considered effective as a treatment method, and it is said that electric shock therapyTranscranial magnetic stimulationA promising treatment method such as that is being investigated.

If there are people suffering from depression in the surroundings, it is best to promptly search for hospitals more familiar with the treatment of depression.

If the person thinks about depression or is feeling ashamed, it is good to point out that symptoms of depression are mental disorders that require treatment, such as asthma and diabetes. Some people think that "Because of this character", but it seems that it is very difficult for one person to overcome depression. It is necessary to understand that if you break a fracture it is the same as not going to the hospital if you go.

Furthermore, it seems that a person without experience of depression should not compare with "when you do not have energy for yourself". There are cases in which public speaking about depression is effective, for example, research to reduce the risk of suicide by talking about "How will it happen when actually committing suicide" to a depressed patient with suicidal desire It is said that it has been announced.

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