"Yahoo! Search Grand Prize 2015" announced, the number of searches sharply increased in 2015 is "Third generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE"

Yahoo! JAPAN gives to people, works and products whose search number has increased sharply in 2015 compared to the previous year "Yahoo! Search Grand Prize 2015We announced.

The grand prize was "Third generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBEIn addition, there are comedy performers, idols, voice actors, writers, models, actors, actors, athletes and musicians in the category of categories, animation, movies, games, novels and dramas in the culture category, beverages, stocks and home appliances in the product category · Winners, works, products of cars, cosmetics and sweets have been announced.

Yahoo! Search Grand Prize 2015 - Yahoo! Search - Yahoo! JAPAN

"Yahoo! Search Grand Prize 2015" "Third generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE" won the "Grand Prize" and "Musician Prize" double!! / Press Room - Yahoo Japan Corporation

This grand prize is not awarded to "persons, works, products most searched by Yahoo! JAPAN in 2015", but is given to "persons, works, products for which the number of searches sharply increased compared to 2014". Yahoo! Unlike the overall ranking that "Google" is included in the search word ranking and "Yahoo!" is included in the search word ranking of Google, it is a result reflecting the epidemic.

◆ Person category
The winner of two categories of the grand prize / musician category was "Third generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE". "J Soul Brothers", the first generation is the current EXILE. The second generation also finished activities by joining EXILE in 2009, and the third generation has been active since 2010. In 2015, the original album "PLANET SEVEN" released in January won first prize in the Oricon album chart, even in the first half Oricon chart, became a million seller, and in the dome tour the number of audience mobilization was 1.2 million It was a year of leaping that it exceeded.

This other person category award is a comedian entertainment department's "racking horrorie" story and it broke in the first half of 20158.6 seconds bazooker".

【Official】 8.6 seconds Bazooka "Lasungorarei" - YouTube

Idle department "Hey! Say! JUMP". The gesture program "High jump"Has started.

In the voice actor division, the exposure to variety shows has been steadily increasing since about 2014 "Tomoko Kaneda". Originally known as a voice actor fan as a person with a lot of interesting episodes, we had a break.

Writers' category won the Akutagawa prize with "spark"Naoki Yoshi".

The model department is a model, "Baka Character" as a variety talent popular as well "Fujita Nicole". It belongs to the same Oscar Promotion as Aya Ueto, Ryoko Yonekura etc, but there is an episode that it was told that when you start out as a foolish character you are told not to name the company.

The actress division is active in movies, dramas, commercials, etc.Suzu Hirose". It was in the spring of 2015 that complaints came in to the dialogue that "All out came?" In the CM of "Akeboshi Ippei-chan Night Shop Yakusoba".

Hirose Suzuki Meisei Ippei-chan Yakusoba no yakisoba "Mayonna" Hen - YouTube

The actor division played the role of Night Shinkaru of the drama "Death Note" "Masataka Kubota". He has been active since long ago including NHK Taiga Drama "Hei Namori" role, Mr. Kiba Morning Market of Continuous TV novel "Hanako and Ann", Shinji Naruse of "For N", but this year it has made a big leap forward It seems that it has become a year.

The athlete department is a rugby world cup 2015 Japan representative "Goro Maru". As a full back, the routine's pose before kick is called "Goro Maru pose"I entered the top ten at 2015 new word · buzzword grand prize.

◆ Culture category
The animation division is "Assassination Classroom". Manga series serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2012 will be the original, trying to kill the mysterious monster "killing killer" who became class teacher in order to stop the destroyed earthquake class, but killing killer It is a story that the lesson will be advanced without concern at all ... .... The second period is broadcasted from January 2016, and the second movie is also being produced.

【Official】 Assassination Classroom Long PV - YouTube

In the film division, Steven Spielberg served as the "Jurassic World". In the fourth work of the series, it became the third biggest worldwide box office revenue, and in Japan it was a huge hit with box office incomes of 8 billion yen and spectators mobilization of over 5 million.

Movie "Jurassic World" Japanese Trailer 3 - YouTube

Game department is a game application for iOS · Android "Monster Strike"Received the award. The mixi of the developer is known by the same name SNS, but this game application is now more famous. "Monst Festival 2015" was held in Makuhari Messe in the summer of 2015,Inadequate managementThere were such things as getting into great confusion.

The novel division has won the Akutagawa prize winning work "spark". It is a work of Naoki Niichi who won the author section.

The drama department is a NHK continuous TV novel that was broadcasted from April 20 to September 2015Rare". It was an original work without an original.

◆ Product category
The drinking department "Sogyaku tea". It is a commodity released nationwide in 1994.

Your order department is "I made potato chips". It is a potato chip without additives made only with potato, salt and oil.

Genuine authentic authentic taste of potatoes, salt and oil alone, I ate Kikusuido's potato chip - GIGAZINE

The household appliances division was "Dyson vacuum cleaner", it became the contents which seems to be the search phrase for the first time. Dyson is known for cyclone type vacuum cleaners for a long time, but on October 23, 2015, we have released robot vacuum cleaner "360 Eye".

Dyson filled the robot cleaner "360 Eye" thrown in and tried what it will clean - GIGAZINE

Honda car division "S 660". It is a car that draws on the flow of light sports car · BEAT which was completed in 1996. Price "α" is 2,180,000 yen including tax, "β" is 198,000 yen including tax.

Photo review on "S660" concept car which will be the successor to Honda's light sports car BEAT - GIGAZINE

The cosmetic division is "Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick." Although it is popular if it looks nice, "Rouge Volumepte Shine" is known as "marriage lip".

Lipstick "Rouge Volumepte Shine" | Yves Saint Laurent | YSL

The sweets department is "Seven Cafe Donuts". Speaking of donuts, it was "Mr. Donuts", but in 2015 convenience store chain began selling donuts one after another. Especially, Seven-Eleven began pre-sale at the end of 2014 and has gained popularity due to price setting of 100 yen.

I bought a seven-eleven missed donut at a pre-sale store and tried it - GIGAZINE

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