"It is obvious that we are not living in the hologram world"

ByFrank DeFreitas

Fermi National Accelerator Institute, headquartered in Illinois, USA, used the world's most sensitive laser interferometer, the "Hologometer", "Our universe is a hologram projected from another universe I examined the doctrine "Is not there?", And confirmed that "This world is a hologram". According to the result of the hologometer verification, "We are not living in the hologram world".

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What is the world we live in is one of the major research themes for scholars, and Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom is not in computer simulation that we live It is "Simulation hypothesisI chanted.

In the same way, "Holographic cosmology" (the universe hologram theory) is thought "Is not our living world · the universe a hologram?" The physicist David Bohm who learned under Oppenheimer said that he found evidence that the universe is a hologram, but this theory is widely known by Michael TalbotInvitation to the projected universe - holographic universeThe effect seems to be large.

The idea that the universe resembles a single hologram is that Israeli physicistJacob BeckensteinAlsoAdvocateAnd it showed considerable spread after the 1970s.

This is actually being investigated by Dr. Craig Hogan of Fermi Institute for Elementary Particle Astrophysics Center. Dr. HoganHolographic principleIf the universe is projected as three dimensions by using precision instruments, "fluctuation (Holographic noise) "That can be detected and repeatedly verified.

ByAlan Grinberg

In the verification, on January 15, 2009 gravity wave detector ·GEO 600A report that noise was detected in New Science was published. Although it seemed that this is holographic noise claimed by Dr. Hogan, in fact Dr. knows that there was the same kind of "mysterious noise of the mid band band" as of May 2008, and this noise is He said that he was much smaller than Dr. Hogan sought.

After that, verification using a laser interferometer / hologometer started in 2014.

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Fermi laboratory announced the result after one year passed but in conclusion it is a noise "high level statistically significant difference"Holographic cosmology was rejectedThat's right.

Dr. Hogan says, "This is just the beginning of the story, we will develop a way to study unprecedented universe and time."

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