There is a terrible beauty salon that makes a haircut using swords and flames

In the worldVarious techniquesThere are people who usually have scissors, there is actually a hairdresser who cuts the hair with flames and swords. A state of a hairdresser who is going to easily do the dangerous technique that can lead to a serious accident by making a mistake one step is being published on YouTube.

Cutting Hair With Swords And Fire - YouTube

Alberto Olmedo working as a hairdresser in Madrid, Spain is known for cutting hair in a special way. When saying what is special ... ....

Burner cuts hair by melamella burning method.

I am burning my customers' hair with great guts.

And quickly extinguish through combs lightly.

According to Olmedo, the hairdresser usually cuts the customer 's hair into "right side" and "left side", but this is a slight difference between the left and right. If it is a cut method using flame, it is possible to cut right and left at the same time, so no difference will be born.

In addition, this time I took out 2 pieces that look like Japanese sword.

Stand it ... ...

I will cut my hair with shakashaka.

There seems to be a method of cutting the hair by moving one sword left and right. Although it is a strange sight, because all the shop's daily scenery, all the other clerks are sleeping and very surreal.

There is a sharp one by one action.

Now have scissors on both hands ......

It cuts the hair of a lustrous woman with unsteady speed in her eyes.

"I usually use primitive tools such as flames and swords, it feels like a medieval age and I have to work imagination for good results," Olmedo said.

There should be not a lot of hairdressers where swords are scattered on the floor ... ....

It's just wild, just being hair dry.

Women who actually had their hair cut.

Finally put a special tool on your fingers ......

Shakashaka and cutting hair are likeScissorhandsIt looks like.

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