Tetris 'Booty Blocks (Bootslise)' review that the physical laws are applied and the block shows chaotic movements

A chaotic game application that a Tetris block collapses due to the action of gravity and falling speed using a physical engine "Booty Blocks (Boots)"is. Playing a unique application finished in a game completely different from ordinary Tetris, with the impact when the block dropped, the surrounding blocks tilted, should have landed successfully, the falling speed was too fast and jumped up I tried.

Bootli Blocks on the App Store

Boutris - Android application on Google Play

Try playing "Butsurisu (Bottlies Blocks)" like this - YouTube

The iOS version and the Android version have been released for Bootle Blocks (Büslis), but this time I will install and review the iOS version. Tap "Get" when opening the Bootli Blocks page in the App Store.

Tap the installed icon to start it.

The top page looks something like this. Tap 'Line 9' to play.

Then, at first something Tetris starts to start.

However, the block that should have been placed normally tilted and fell down by its own weight.

Unlike ordinary Tetris, if you hit a block, it will affect other blocks, so you need to carefully overlay blocks. I thought I was fitting the block perfectly in the gap at the right end ......

Because the falling speed was so early, the shootout jumped to the unlikely direction by the shock of the landing.

Blocks are overlapped in chaotic state without erasing one row, and no longer do everything possible.

However, the miraculous two rows were aligned with the weight where the block was placed, and I got a lifetime in Kyoto. It disappears if nine blocks are arranged in a line on the back line, but it is hard to understand because there are many things that you do not know well when it becomes a naname or there is a gap.

When you block the block at the same time in two rows, an iron ball came down. Because it is heavier than other blocks, depending on where you come down you can also straighten the blocks that overlap the irritations. Since the iron ball is counted as one block, it is a block unique to a physical engine, such as it gets stuck in a column where blocks are missing successfully

If the block enters the red area at the top of the screen ...

It will be game over. At first glance it looks like a netge, but conversely if you play while considering the laws of physics, you can enjoy a completely different style of play than the traditional Tetris, you also have the addictive ability to play for a long time It is.

Also, it is possible to play two people using one terminal. Tap "Battle" from the top page.

Then you will have a side-by-side and screen split screen split screen, so if you hold the terminal face to face with your opponent and two people erase the block OK. There is also an "attack" function that is limited to match mode, and if you flick the block upwards, you can also send the block to the other side's field.

In addition, you can see how you are fighting at Betsuburusu (Bitsurisu) from the following movie.

If you play two people with "Bootloss (Booty Blocks)" it will be like this - YouTube

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