A clear skill difference There is a difference between Batman and Superman's movie "The Birth of Batman vs Superman Justice" Latest Trailer

A movie depicting the forbidden battle between Batman and Superman "Batman vs Superman Justice Birth"The latest trailer of the song was released. In the latest trailer, three members of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are gathered together, and villain characters that are likely to become a strong enemy of mankind have appeared.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Trailer 2 [HD] - YouTube

Party venue where important people of Gotham City gather together.

Black Aston Martin arrived at the venue.

Clarke Kent, a newspaper reporter who is superman who speaks "Who is that?"

It is Bruce Wayne who is the identity of Batman who came down from Aston Martin.

Clark Kent looks at Bruce Wayne.

The two will greet at the venue.

Clark Kent, who leads the first punch, "What bats are you doing with a bat commandable vigilante that guards Gotham City?"

Bruce · Wayne smiling with grin at questions clarified by Clarke Kent.

Clark Kent said "The order of Gotham City is greatly disturbed, and the citizen is living a life without freedom while feeling fear," he talks to Bruce Wayne.

"Batman's behavior is against the law but it is out of punishment"

Clark Kent who accuses Batman.

Bruce Wayne told Clark Kent, who acts Batman, "I'm hypocritical, that Daily Planet criticizes Batman as a transcendent of the law ... do not you think so?"

"When your hero (Superman) helped someone, Daily Planet will write his lantern article"

Superman of existence like God for people.

"But Superman is an alien and has power to destroy the earth," Bruce Wayne continues.

Clark Kent, who refutes "You other than you will not agree with your opinion, Mr. Wayne."

Bruce Wayne replies, 'I will only agree with the citizens of Gotham who have a history of fighting the clown dressed demons.'

In the series of DC comics, Rex Luther who has a strong impression of Superman's nemesis appeared while tight air was drifting.

Relax the atmosphere of the place with light talk.

Superman with power that can not be thought of by humans.

The place where that Superman headed ... ...


Meanwhile, this is a hideout that Batman hides.

Bat Suit.

Looking at the bat suit What do you think of Bruce · Wayne?

A sudden explosion suddenly in the city.

In the sky, battle with someone superman.

Bruce Wayne looks at its appearance.

I will pour the meteor into the city.

Batman, a human being, is helpless against the power of the meteorite level.

Superman and Batman finally confront.

Batman wears a steel suit.

But Superman is an alien who can fly in the sky.

Superman who falls to the bottom of Naraku also Batman.

Batman rides on a vehicle for flying and competes against Superman.

Superman who assaults on a vehicle that Batman got on.

Here Batman aimed Superman from the vehicle.

Superman is hit by hundreds of bullets.

However, it does not baffle with bullets.

With Gotham's dark knight Batman ......

Battle between heroes who have a name in history by krypton star warriors.

Batman breakthrough the window glass ......

A body suits Superman.

Bat Mobile will also appear.

Superman pushing through the flame.

Superman puts his hand on Batman's head ......

The deployment of the shock that peels off the mask.

The expression of Superman looking at Batman is full of anger.

The scene changed here, and the scene where a corpse is being carried at a laboratory was projected.

It is Rex Luther who awaits corpses.

Deployment in which human experiments are definitely carried out.

There is no doubt that the entire laboratory is enveloped in electricity and terrible experiments are being conducted.

Something is born ... ....

"What did you do?"

A monster floating in the sky.

Doom's Day appeared gently.

Batman to be taken in.

Doomsday 's eye blinks without putting a couple ......

Batman who realized something raises his hand and takes a posture of defense.

Doom's Day fires a beam from the face.

A large explosion with each city. Superman of the alien seems to be OK, but in Batman it was a massive explosion on the instantaneous level.

When the dust disappears, a new character that defends Batman with a shield appeared.

Batman seems to be unable to understand the situation "What is it, what is it?"

It was Wonder Woman who protected Batman.

Superman "You brought that, are not you?"

Batman "No, just that you brought me ..."

Batman and Superman who did not agree, but a strong enemy forced to cooperate appeared, it is an expansion that is going to be fighting Doomseei with another hero wonder woman.

The movie "Batman vs Superman Justice 's birth" will be released in Japan from 25th March 2016.

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