Height 1 km, the world's top skyscraper through the cloud "Kingdom Tower" Image Summary

Under construction under construction in Saudi ArabiaKingdom TowerIt is expected to be over 1 km in height, and if completed it is seen as becoming the world's first hyperbuilding (super high rise building). Due to the large number of technical issues and economic problems, there was a case that the plan was dangerous as "Will it really happen?" Since construction has been steadily progressing toward completion in 2018, I tried putting together the images and movies.

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This is the Kingdom Tower. At the beginning of the planning in 2011, a high-rise building with a height of 1.6 km was assumed, but from the results of the soil survey scheduled to be built, it is now considered that there is a possibility that it will be around 1.1 km.

It is the height which penetrated from surrounding building.

Depending on the weather, the top of the tower may climb above the clouds.

An observation platform seems to be made around the middle of the building.

Looking down, it looks like this.

This figure compares the height of the existing skyscraper with the Kingdom Tower. The highest in existing buildings is the total height of 828 m in DubaiBurj KhalifaHowever, the Kingdom Tower is going to be much higher than that.

If you watch the movie below you can see how the building and how the Kingdom Tower will be used.

Kingdom Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Worlds Tallest Tower - YouTube

The kingdom tower at the height that passed through is a strange presence when looking from afar.

The building is designed to become thinner toward the tip.

The ground is like this.

Atmosphere like modern resort.

There are luxury cars in front of the tower.

It looks like I saw it a little.

The side of the building is made like a mirror surface.

An observatory is built in the middle of the building, allowing people to go out. The number of people in the observation deck is quite small.

Heights that would not be tolerated by people with afraid of heights.

Looking up at the observation deck from the bottom, this way.

Looking down from above it looks like this.

Kingdom Tower shining brightly at dusk.

The tower is built on the immediate side of the Red Sea, and there is space outside the window besides the observation platform so you can see the sunset sunk into the horizon in the special seats.

When the sun goes down ...

An unusual experience of overlooking fireworks is also possible.

The tower seems to be mainly used for office, hotel, housing, etc.

the hotel isFour Seasons.

There are 59 elevators and 12 escalators.

The entrance is like this. The Kingdom Tower is the best place for business.

In addition, many shopping malls and restaurants are scheduled to be made around the Kingdom Tower.

Moreover, it seems that there is also a high-class residential area.

Estimated completion diagram of the complex city "Kingdom City" under construction in Saudi Arabia · Jeddah including Kingdom · Tower is as follows.

The Kingdom Tower was constructed in Saudi ArabiaAl-Waleed Bin TaralSaudi Arabia's largest company operated by Prince "Kingdom Holding CompanyThe leading general contractor of the countrySaudi · Bin Laden · GroupOrdered to. Bin Laden Group is also known as a construction company run by a family of suspected Osama bin Laden who was killed as a leader of the international terrorist organization al - Qaeda.

The total construction cost is seen as 4.6 billion Saudi Riyal (about 95 billion yen), and on November 29, 2015, between 8 million subsidiary Jeddah Economic Company and Saudi Arabia's Alinma Investment, 840 million Saudi Riyal (about 27.5 billion yen It was announced that there was agreement to establish a fund of. The fund is intended to complete the Kingdom Tower and to construct the complex city "Kingdom City".

JEC & Alinma Investment in an SAR 8.4 Billion Real Estate Fund Deal Fund objective is to develop Jeddah Tower and the Jeddah Economic City infrastructure | Kingdom Holding Company

Construction of the Kingdom Tower is progressing steadily and has already built a 26-story building on a land of 85,000 square meters.

A unique form foundation that also appeared in the movie.

Looking from directly above it is like this.

The Kingdom Tower was originally planned to be completed in 2019, but now it is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

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