It turns out that Stallone produces a new TV series of movie "Rambo"


Sylvester Stallone who has played the leading role in John Rambo in the movie "Rambo" series has been reported to have signed a contract by producing the TV version "Rambo" which will be the new series of the film.

Sylvester Stallone to Produce 'Rambo' TV Series

This contract is an American television channel ·FOXIt was exchanged between Mr. Stallone and the new series "Rambo: New BloodIt is said that he will produce a screenplay of.

In the new series, John Rambo and formerNavy SEALsIt is said that it will be a depiction of a complicated relationship with his son and the details have not been clarified yet, but in the middle of the work there are also options for Stallone himself to appear. In the year 2016, Stallone who is going to be 70 years old will be anxious not to be a fan as to what role it will appear.


"Rambo: New Blood" which is the new series name seems to be decided based on the title of the past work. In fact, the title of the first work "Rambo" released in 1982 is "First Blood"It seems that it is named" New Blood "in the sense that it tributes the work of the past. The second work "Rambo / Anger's Escape" was released in 1985, the third work "Rambo 3 / Angry Afghan" was released in 1988, and the latest work at the present time is the 2008 Rambo / The battlefield "has become.

In addition to Stallone himself in the TV series, the screenwriter who worked on the movie "Die Hard"Jeff StuartAnd "Rambo / final battlefield" also engaged in productionAvi LearnerThe name of the producer is continued.

At the time of article creation, it is unlikely that the specific broadcasting dates etc are decided.

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