Why do you make the wrong decision when you fall into poverty? There was an unavoidable psychological factor

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In 2014 the World Development Report (World Development Report)Poverty invites economically wrong decision makingAs shown, it has been revealed that there is a certain relationship between poverty and erroneous judgment. Whether poverty is ahead or whether the wrong decision is ahead, so to speak "Is chicken first or egg ahead?Although it is a research result showing a certain conclusion on a problem that can be said to be a problem, some kind of inevitable situation seems to exist at the root.

Your Brain on Poverty: Why Poor People Seem to Make Bad Decisions - The Atlantic

It was announced in 2013Result of the studyAs the conclusion that poverty is decreasing people's IQ value by 13 points has been clarified, the result proving that poverty itself is lowering people's ability to judge It is. In many cases, it is said that poverty is the result of "wrong decision" and that policies that are not correctly delivered aid to people who need it are raised, but "poverty is judgment ability The idea that it leads to the decline of poverty "is to discuss the occurrence of poverty from the opposite perspective.

A note written by a foreign woman who is poor in poverty stated the circumstances leading to a poor situation and the background behind this problem is shown.

"I have economically made a lot of wrong decisions, but in the long run it is not a problem either: to go to Wendy to eat a hamburger for $ 5 (about 600 yen) When I stop using it, I will never be released from poverty, "women say that they do not feel worth buying big shopping, saving money even after cutting down the little pleasures of the day . She also said, "There is no hope for poverty and deprives the thinking of thinking in the long run. That is the reason why you often see cases like" There are several parents raising. "To live, I try to have a connection with people.Do you know the strength of the meaning that you feel that someone needs it? It is more basic than food.Go to the people who feel better when they are together and spend a short time. It is not a type of person who never spends a long period together, but that moment is the moment when I think that myself is a powerful and valuable person. "

Furthermore, she said, "It does not matter what happens in a month, even if it happens today or next week, the same thing. The reason why we do not think about the future is that our hearts break by doing so Because it will be the best way I do not have hope, I will live by seeing only what is in front of me. "It seems like something like a kind of hopelessness is flowing under the ground I am talking.

ByAK Rockefeller

A neurologistA study conducted by Joseph W. Kable and Joseph T. McGuireAccording to, the idea of ​​moral virtues such as "patience and self-discipline" is said to be more complicated than it was thought once. Until now, famousMarshmallow ExperimentAs I showed, the idea that there is a promising future as children who could not stand eating marshmallows in front of us was generally pervaded, but such a uniform way of thinking is a reality It does not represent society.

New York TimesThis article explains this situation in an easy-to-understand manner with the following example. For example, many people can wait an hour for a late train or try hard for the goal "to lose weight by 0.5 kg per week by dieting, but if this is the time to wait for a train Will it be possible to keep on trying hard when extending to 90 minutes or when the situation of no diet effect appears at all? Many people will take the choice to give up there, but this is because, in the case where things did not advance on the time axis defined in the initial scheduleNatural selectionIn a sense, it can be caught as "there is no choice".

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This trend is said to have an influence on the determination power of poverty-stricken people as well. When feeling like a feeling of hopelessness of not being able to escape from poverty, people cease to have a long-term perspective, in the meantime concentrate on near tasks in front of us and do not know whether they can be realized or not It is the fundamental that it will be impossible to "make a good choice" to deflect your eyes from. News Share SiteThis.Andrew Golis who runs the man, if the choice that seems to be unreasonable for those who are not poverty is a reasonable choice for those in situations with confused worlds and uncertain future, " And the background of the choice taken by people who povertyI talk on the blog.

These trends are not necessarily referring to all those who are actually suffering from poverty, they are thought to refer to the whole causal relationship including the time axis before and after. Eldar Shafir, who studied, said, "The data obtained is not about" poor people "but about" people in poor circumstances. "The data shows that people People likeBehavior itselfIt shows that behavior is a factor that leads to poverty.

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