I ate "Shrimp gratin croquette sand" which was hot and mellow rich stew with sauce shrimp gratin croquette at the first kitchen

"Shrimp gratin croquette" tailoring shrimp and macaroni to creamy white sauce to make crispy clothes, "Mushroom white sauce" filled with onion and mushroom taste, and vegetables and fruits such as onions, apples and peas , And "spices" and "source" together with two kinds of sources "Ebina Gratin Croquette Sand"Has appeared in the first kitchen from Thursday, November 26, 2015. I tried eating two kinds of hot Ebi Gratin croquette sand which is perfect for the cold season at the shop.

"Shrimp gratin croquette sand" 2 new release!

Arrived at the first kitchen.

At the shop the pop of 'Ebi-Gratin Croquette Sand' appeared.

After entering the shop and completing the order ......

Because there were few people, goods were handed over quickly.

Therefore, this is "Shrimp gratin croquette sand (mushroom white sauce)"

Taking out the Pakari and the buns makes me cabbage full with everywhere I see ....

Under the cabbage was mushroomed mushroom white sauce spread.

From the side, you can see that the croquette is considerably thicker than the buns.

When eating, a creamy sauce of seafood flavor spreads smoothly in the mouth with a crisp, creepy texture. The shrimp's plump crunch, soft macaroni, tamago and mushroom taste are felt, and the atmosphere as if you are eating stew. There were cherry blossoms of cabbage and crispy feeling of clothing added accent, there were not only mildness, there was also junk.

Subsequently, "Shrimp gratin croquette sand (and sauce)"

This is also full of cabbage under the buns, but the source is glimpse.

When I tried eating hotly ... ...

Seafood flavored gratin overflows from inside with crisp and juicy clothing. Unlike the mushroom white sauce that the contents of croquette and white sauce were integrated, the impression that sweet, spicy and sauce-specific flavor complements croquette. Since croquettes are totally of a type of sauce, it has become possible to understand the sharpness of the taste more.

In addition, Ebina Gratin Croquette Sand (mushroom white sauce) is 380 yen including tax, Ebina Gratin Croquette Sand (and sauce) is 350 yen including tax, both of which are products for a limited time.

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