A lot of pictures that you can see well how great the football stadium made with Gamba Osaka fund raising of about 14 billion yen

Gamba Osaka has been using it as a home stadium until 2015 "World Expo Commemoration Stadium"The aging is progressing,FifaWe also do not meet the international standards stipulated by. So, Gamba OsakaStarted to build a new stadium from 2008It is a new stadium that uses 14,085.65 million 5393 yen finally gathered as a donation fund for construction of the stadiumMunicipal Suita Football Stadium"Was built.

A completion event was held only on October 10, 2015 and there have never been football matches yet, but it is already "awesome like a football stadium in Europe!" So that on the net and soccer fans It is talked about in. A tour of such a new stadium was on 14th and 15th November 2015 and anyone was free to join the 3rd floor concourse and the stand inside the stadium, so it was actually the latest stadium in the country I was impressed by the terrible thing, taking pictures of Pashapasha.

You can see how far the view from the stand of the new stadium is overwhelming by looking at the following movie.

Gamba Osaka's new stadium seen from the front row front - YouTube

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Suita City | Municipal Suita Football Stadium

◆ Appearance
This is the City Suita Football Stadium. It is located 1 km south of the "Park east exit" station on the side of Expo Memorial Stadium.

As I go south from the station, the new stadium will come out of the trees with such feeling.

I just opened the other day before arriving at the stadiumEXPOCITY (Expo City)Pass through.

From the north side of the stadium, Konnich Ha.

The northern side of the new stadium looks something like this and the inorganic staircases and slope seems to slip out. Linear design is very impressive.

Below that found "TICKET" on the day I found a location that seems like a ticket office.

The big stairs on the north side was blockaded. As you go up this large staircase, you can access the 3rd floor area and you can even go up further by returning.

It seems like a slope rapture slurry. There are very few windows on the north side where you can see the inside of the stadium.

Since I was not going to enter the stadium from the north side, I will spin around the stadium south following the directions.

Stairs ant on the west side of the stadium. However, this was less than half of what was on the north side.

An extra temporary bicycle parking space is established under this staircase ... ...

The interior of the stadium is chilly from the cleft of the bicycle. The pitch level seems to be the same height as the outside ground, and there seems to be a spectator seat in a position slightly higher than that, but this is unlikely to be clear unless you actually enter inside.

Turning to the south side of the stadium you will see a large staircase of the same size as the one on the north side. It was supposed to be inside the stadium from here on the day of the visit.

Looking at the south side of the stadium from the front, it looks something like this, striking the northern side and changing stairs and slopes almost to be invisible. Apparently, the "front" of the new stadium seems to be on the south side, and it seems that it is designed so that the stairs do not extend to the south side. Furthermore, at the stage of observation, the stadium name plate was not decorated on the outside wall of the stadium, and it was in a somewhat unsatisfactory atmosphere.

A comparison of the new stadium and the whole view of the World Expo stadium looks like this. I can understand that the new stadium looks like a soccer stadium even when viewed from the outside.

Also on the right side of the new stadium (east side) is a large staircase. As there is a visitor's free seat on the east side of the stadium (Away free seat), will the Gamba supporter enter the stadium from the staircase on the west side and the a supporter from the eastern staircase?

The front of the big staircase looks like this. This seems to be the stairway where the most supporters go in and out.

On the other hand, the stairs leading to the stadium of the World Expo stadium are kore. It is obvious how big the staircase of the new stadium got enormous and it came to judge a large number of people at once.

That's why Let's tour.

The large stairs need to climb from the ground to the 3rd floor in a stretch.

The stairs are made of metal, not concrete. Terra Terra is shining brilliant because it is made possible.

Looking at the square in front of the stadium from where I went up the stairs look like this. In the plaza there is a small space secured, in the backExpo Memorial Park South Parking lotAlso spreading.

The entrance to the stadium where I climbed the big stairs is Kore. This is the third floor in terms of the number of floors, and the name "GATE 1" was allocated. As GATE 1 has a large array of glass doors, it seems possible for a large number of people to come in at a stretch, but each one of the doors is of a normal size enough to pass people by themselves.

In the back there is a stairway to go to the upper floor above the 3rd floor, but on the day of the tour it was only possible to observe the 3rd floor concourse.

Sneak into the stadium from here!

◆ Inside
I finally put it inside the stadium, but first check the map inside the stadium so that it is easy to understand what is inside the stadium. There are four entrances at the corners of the stadium, GATE 1 to 4, but only GATE 1 was open at the time of the tour. GATE 1 is located at the upper left of the map below, the part painted in purple is the main stand (south), the light blue part is the back of the goal on the home side (west), the yellow part is the back stand (north), the orange part is the away side Goal back (east). As you can see from the map, it is also characteristic that a large number of toilets are arranged in the concourse (large aisle) on the third floor of the stadium.

· Category 3 seat before GATE 1 (A1A2)
So, let's look at the category 3 (A1A2) sheet in the place where I entered GATE 1.

A crowd is in place just after entering GATE 1, and the cheers of "SUGYE!" Jump into the ear from here and there.

Before that the pitch of the new stadium was waiting. It is obvious that there are only football stadiums and the audience seats and the pitch are close to each other. Since this area is just between the main stand and the back of the goal, the pitch will be viewed at an angle of 45 degrees and since the core supporter of Gamba Osaka will be on the immediate side behind the home side goal, No doubt. Since the touch line is not drawn, in fact it is not clear how far it is from the stand to the pitch, but the distance from the pitch to the stand is 7 meters from the main backstand of international standards, from the back of the goal 10 meters. The number of people that can be accommodated is 40,000.

The view of the pitch of the Expo stadium looked like this. I understand how the distance feeling to pitch is different.

The seat looks something like this. Of course the drink holder is equipped.

The place where I got through GATE 1 is the entrance part of the 3rd floor where the crowd is built. There are 4th, 5th and 6th floor seats on it, but it seems to be accessed here by the stairs outside the stadium. There are small stairs in the stadium on the 5th and 6th floors, but there seems to be no stairs between the 4th and 5th floors.

Because there is an elevator on the side of GATE 1, we can watch with children with a child saying "It is hard to get out of the stairs" and elderly people.

· Back of goal (home free seat)
Then the back of the goal on the home side.

I found a person taking a commemorative picture taking the pitch behind from the back of the goal. Although it is hard to see the side of the goal behind the goal indeed, it is difficult to see the side of the goal when watching the game, but in the commemorative photographing etc, the entire pitch and the main stand and the back stand are included and it seems to be able to take a good feeling picture. So I checked the view from behind the goal at once.

Goal in the middle and in the middle.

Looking down at the goal is like this. The distance to the pitch is nearly unlikely to be compared with the stadium with the track track.

From the diagonal. The gradient of the seat is quite abrupt, and the viewpoint is higher than imagined though close to the pitch.

A lot of people were looking at the pitch from here because of the back side of the goal on the home side. Are you lost in feeling "Are you going to support next season from next season ...?" ...?

Anyway, because the distance to the goal is close, the spectators of the front row seems to be powerful without a ton demo.

Looking at the back of the goal on the home side from the other side is like this. It is probably only here to get up from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor in the stadium.

The stairs were blocked at the time of the tour like this.

At the World Expo stadium there was only a roof on the main stand ... ...

There was nothing to block wind and rain around the back of the goal.

However, the new stadium has roofs on all stands, plus a pitch and a wall so that it surrounds the audience seats, so "There are blowjobs like the World Expo stadium and windy day is unusual It is likely not to be cold.

Looking at from another angle, you can see that the stairs connecting the two are installed at the top 5 and 6th floor seats.

From another angle. There is a considerable difference in height between the top seat and the pitch, but the distance from the pitch is not so wide and I am very concerned about what the view will be like.

The 3rd floor sheet shifts. People who want to watch games while participating in Gatsuri 's cheering because it is an area where the core supporters who continue to support Gamba Osaka during the game will come in large numbers seems to be good.

And of course, the large vision behind the goal on the home side is made by Panasonic.

Concourse behind the goal is like this.

The ceiling was stretched out, but the other ceiling was firmly attached to other concourses.

A lot of places shutters are getting down. Do restaurants and others enter here?

The restaurant in the Expo stadium was like this. The passage was obstructed by a crowd and it was very inconvenient to move. Since the concourse of the new stadium is made widely anyway, I hope the problems around here will be solved.

On the left and right sides of the goal on the home side are relief carved the name of the donor for the stadium construction donation. Many Gamba supporters and girls were looking for their name.

· Backstand
Check the backstand side that seems to have the most audience seats.

The whole view of the back stand looks like this.

Sheet at the corner (category 3).

Looking at the pitch from the corner is like this. Since it is located between the back of the goal and the back stand, you can watch the game while feeling the hot support of the back of the goal by the side.

There is space for wheelchair in third floor concourse ... ...

This extends to the back stand · a side of the goal back to the main stand, and it becomes the space for the wheelchair all except the back of the goal on the home side. The stadium that has so much space for a wheelchair seems to be quite unlikely.

Also, there is an entrance & stairs at the corner of the new stadium, so if you are heading towards the upper-level area or descending down you aim at the corner of the stadium.

Looking at the pitch from the middle of the backstand this looks like this.

This is from the end of the back stand.

It is 7 meters between the backstand and the pitch.

Parts where the color is thinner than the pitch are artificial grass, the dark green part inside is the natural grass. Since the touch line is not drawn, it does not understand how far it is from the stand to the pitch as it is actually, but since the pitch is a natural grass, if it is thought that it is "slightly smaller than the natural grass area" it is good .

The backstand is packed with the most sheets in the third floor area. Only the 4th floor seat is independent and there are stairs in the stadium on the 5th and 6th floors.

I want to get off the stairs from the 3rd floor area and want to go aside the pitch, but this time I have patience because it is blocked this time.

From another angle. It seems that there will be quite a height when it comes to the top seat. If the seat slope is also strengthened and you watch the game from the main stand or the back stand, it seems to be a viewable point of view like TV broadcasting.

Fifth and sixth floor is a staircase in the stadium and feels comfortable.

Of course there is a roof on the backstand.

The concourse on the back stand side is very wide and excellent in opening feeling.

On the other hand, the concourse of the Expo stadium was like this, so that it was possible to access the upper area from the concourse in the stadium. In contrast to that at the new stadium, you can not access the upper area from within the stadium.

Various infographic graphics are posted on the concourse of the new stadium ... ...

Wheelchair for toilet

Nursing room

There are several facilities which are not in the concourse behind the goal such as the aid room.

The ceiling looks like this.

There was a fire extinguisher under the pillar.

· Back of goal (visitor free seat & family seat)
Next is the goal back of the away side. Because there is a family seat here, people who wish to watch a soccer team with parents and children seemed to be good at checking around here.

The whole view looks something like this. There are sheets on 3, 4, 5, 6 floors as well as other areas.

A view from the back of the goal side. What do the thinkers' supporters say "The home stadium is not a football stadium", what do you think of the view from here?


There is a fence on the south side (main stand side).

On the 4th floor there is a glassed area, which is the "V seat 60" VIP floor.

Only the back side of the goal side has become a glass material for the roof so that the sky can be seen.

Because the roof covers the seat completely, it may be that most supporters do not have to wear kappa on rainy days.

Concourse is as spacious as others ... ...

It is characterized by having more toilets than others.

Looking at the pitch from concourse like this.

There is space for a wheelchair even behind the goal of the away side.

It will be a gateway to the away side GATE 2. Expo City is in the background.

There is also a large vision at the top of this GATE 2 so there are two large visions in the stadium.

· Main stand
Main stand with "exciting seat" where games can be watched from just behind the bench where the prepare players and directors came.

The whole main view of the main stand looked something like this, and on the day of the tour it was only possible to get down to the lower area and sit on the seat on the immediate side of the pitch.

Looking at the pitch from the main stand side concourse looks like this.

That's why I decided to get down.

The general seat looks like this. With a drink holder behind the seat.

The seat of the World Expo stadium had no backrest.

The sheet interval is narrowed.

The view from the middle stage of the lower area is like this.

Here is an "exciting seat" in the front row of the center of the main stand.

There is a player's bench in front of anything, so you can watch a match from almost the same viewpoint as a player or director.

In the World Expo stadium, the distance between the players' bench and the stand was so far, so this is also a shock.

Looking at the bench near the players at another angle like this. You can see how close you can watch the game with the bench where players and directors sit.

A cushion is stretched on the seat of the exciting seat, and seems to be up a rank from the other sheets.

This is the view from the exciting seat. Anyway, the distance to the pitch is close, the player's bench in front enters the field of view, so maybe he may even hear instructions from the director while watching the game.

The front row of the main stand is closer to the pitch by a few sheets than the exciting sheet.

Looking at the pitch from there it is like this. I thought that "the line of sight is lower than the goal bar?", But since I can see that the goal bar behind the away goal is higher than the front row seat, "watch the match with just the player" It seems likely.

When I actually shot the view from the front row in the movie, it became like this.

Gamba Osaka's new stadium seen from the front row front - YouTube

There is a player bench in the center of the main stand, and you can also watch the game beside you.

Transparent materials are used on the roof of the bench, so the inside of the bench is visible.

Everyone at Gamba supporter is also excited, as this distance between the pitch is just close.

In the center of the main stand is the letter "GAMBA".

The third floor sheet is slurry.

There are live seats and table seats in the upper level area.

Of course the roof is also on the main stand.

The LED projector is attached to the roof.Made of PanasonicIt seems that it seems so, the lights turned off quickly became a hot topic.

The concourse on the main stand side looks like this.

I found a crowd here.

When I thought of something, models of the new stadium were on display.

Excellent view from the concourse. Of course there is space for wheelchair too.

On the day of the visit, only the toilet in the concourse on the main stand side was opened.

It is beautiful as it is made possible.

That's why I went all round in the new stadium and turned around, but, "Anyway new!" "Pitch is close!" "To wish to watch the game here quickly" is a frank impression. The distance feeling and compactness of the pitch and the stand are spectacular, and there are huge concourses that can go around the stadium third floor furthermore, and the highlight such as an open design that can see the pitch from the concourse There are plenty. Even if it became "I started the game while I went to the toilet!", I could check the flutter from the concourse. In addition, universal design conscious of various audience groups such as space for wheelchairs installed in concourse, breastfeeding room, rescue room, elevator etc. is also noticed.

In other words, there are many things I want to convey with letters, but anyhow "honestly wanting to see with their eyes" is an honest place. There is no doubt that you will be watching matches from an angle that you never see anywhere from the stand, so it is truly exciting to think that not only the game of Gamba Osaka will be played here but also the international game will be held. Such a new stadium in Gamba Osaka "Municipal Suita Football Stadium", but since it is planned to hold a basketball game in February 2016, those who are interested are also required check.

· Continued
A new stadium watching guide made from 14 billion yen donation of Gamba Osaka whose sight view of football changes completely - GIGAZINE

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