Reuters announces to "Free cameraman" that RAW is prohibited and JPEG only is allowed

International telecommunications companyReuter(Reuters) launched a policy change to accept photographs from free photographers, not to edit RAW images, only to take JPEG images taken out. The reason seems to make sense indeed.

Reuters Issues a Worldwide Ban on RAW Photos

Reuters contracts with free photographers all over the world for coverage and is receiving photographs. That Reuters notifies the free cameraman by e-mail if you change the policy "We will not receive pictures with RAW or CR2 files, pictures only accept JPEG images" from now on.

According to Reuters, this policy change is to raise both ethics and speed. Journalist has a mission of being a witness and a witness to the case from Reuters and should be a reflection of "reality" for that purpose, and photographs processed RAW images are not suitable That is why. About this point, Reuters spokeswoman says, "We are not seeking the artistic nature of the photograph, we are seeking information on the" truth "as an eyewitness."

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Furthermore, the speed of information transmission is important for the press, and it is necessary to receive the photograph as soon as possible, so it is said that the taken JPEG image is suitable for shooting. If you have time to process RAW images, you want me to submit JPEG immediately.

In addition, Reuters's policy change this time does not prohibit photographers themselves shooting themselves RAW, but cameramen seeking RAW images only needs to shoot with JPEG at the same time, so it will not force a big burden on photographers is. Also, JPEG images are OK with minor corrections such as cropping (partial cutout) and inclination correction.

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