People who drink coffee have a low risk of death, how to drink the highest survival rate?

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Intake of coffee has health benefits such as insomnia relief and brain activationThough it already knows, it is difficult for people drinking coffee to suffer from cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, diabetes and so on, compared to those who do not drink, as a result of new research conducted on 200,000 people, and the risk of suicide also It turned out to be low.

Association of Coffee Consumption with Total and Cause-Specific Mortality in Three Large Prospective Cohorts

Coffee drinking linked to lower mortality risk-again | Ars Technica

This survey analyzed the results of three large-scale clinical trials conducted in the past. In clinical trials questionnaires on eating habits were distributed to subjects and living was observed for 30 years. Currently, about 30,000 people in clinical trials have already died.

Examination of data of 200,000 subjects showed that those who drink 1 to 5 cups of coffee every day from a comprehensive survey found that the death rate in young people is 5 to 9% lower than those who do not drink coffee . I led the researchHarvard T. H. Chan School of Public HealthProfessor Frank · Fu said, "Dr. Coffee has shown that drinking coffee leads to a healthy lifestyle through previous research and this research." /

Also, in past studies I knew that "moderate coffee intake lowers mortality rate", but it is not clear how drinking coffee a lot is involved in health, Coffee enthusiasts also had a high smoking prevalence as an obstacle to the investigation. Therefore, this research focuses on "to drink plenty of coffee" and "smoking".

Then, when a non-smoker drinks three to five cups of coffee a day, the death rate in young people drops by 15%, and even if a non-smoking person drinks five or more cups of coffee, the mortality rate drops by 12% I understood that. In other words, the way you drink most benefit from coffee is "to consume 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day" and if you exclude the effect of smoking, the benefits of health are slightly smaller than those who drink coffee moderately It is said that drinking 5 cups or more of coffee a day does not have a negative impact on health. Professor Gardner at the University of Miami says about people who drink a lot of coffee "you get the same health benefits as those who drink coffee moderately."

ByNic Taylor

As a result of further research, it was also found that taking coffee reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, neurological disease and suicide. However, there are research results that "coffee has connection to liver cancer", but the relationship was not clarified in this survey.

Although I understand that "coffee has a good effect on health", it is unclear what is included in coffee is affecting the human body, and it will become clear in future surveys It is seen.

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