A palm-sized stick PC "Chromebit" that can be used as a PC can be used if it is inserted in a monitor at about 10,000 yen

A stick type PC that can be used just by inserting Google into a TV or monitorChromebitWe announced. The palm-sized compact Chromebit is a PC that runs on Chrome OS and is a very handy terminal that can be used as a PC simply by connecting the HDMI terminal equipped on the main unit to the monitor. The manufacturer is ASUS, the main price is 85 dollars (about 10,000 yen).

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Although Chromebit has a relatively new ARM processor made by Rockchip, it is not suitable for opening a large number of tabs in a web browser and playing super high resolution movies. RAM is 2 GB, storage (ROM) is 16 GB, HDMI terminal for outputting to the monitor, Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting the mouse and keyboard to the main unit, Wi-Fi a / b / g for connecting to the Internet It corresponds to / n / ac. The main body weighs 2.6 oz (about 74 g).

The two main colors are Tangerine · Orange (bottom) and Cacao · Black (middle), but it seems that the blue terminal (upper) will appear as follows.

Also, there is only one USB port on the bottom.

It's easy to use, first insert the main unit into the HDMI terminal and connect the power cable to the main unit, then connect the mouse and keyboard with Chromebit main unit with Bluetooth.

The Verge says Chromebit "It is OK without having to update the latest, etc., which can be obtained cheaply and make it easy to use browser and web-based applications", "Smart way to make smart TV" "We basically exclude displays, batteries, keyboards, trackpads from cheap Chromebooks," which is basically said to be a terminal.

Even in monitors that are not in use and old televisions, if you insert Chromebit, you can easily turn it into a PC, so if you do a "video conference using Hangouts" in a conference room, or if you have a TV at a business trip destination Also how to transform into PC is ant. However, because we need a mouse and keyboard for operation (and more compatible with Bluetooth connection), The Verge says "If I am Google, I will make an application that will allow Android devices to be used as a keyboard and trackpad for free "I said.

In addition, Chromebit first buys Amazon,Fry's,NeweggIt will be on sale in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and the UK.

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