I went to the experiencing facility "Seven Family Farm of Sheep" in Sean, Japan's first and sheep

Clay animation "Sean of Sheep"Japan's first amusement center with the theme"Sean Family Farm of SheepOn Thursday, 19th November 2015EXPOCITYIt opens in. I went to the preliminary exhibition because there were indoor playground equipment set in ranch where Sean lives, and original goods limited to family farm.

Sean Family Farm of Sheep

The place of "Sheep Family Farm of Sheep" is next to the food court on the third floor of EXPOCITY Greenside.

Friendly Bitzer & Sean welcomes you.

A long line was made for waiting for entrance to the family farm.

Since the event schedule is posted next to the entrance, it may be good to enter at the intended time.

The event calendar for November is as follows.

After paying the entrance fee, you will enter the Sean Park from the gate made of wooden board like entrance of the ranch.

Because the foot is strictly prohibited inside, take off your shoes and put it in the shoe box.

If you go straight ahead ......

The first thing is "Sean Stage".

On the stage you can meet Shees of Sheep and Sheep Dog Bitzer, and you can also take pictures.

The "pool of sheeps" next to the stage is a ball pool filled with small blue and white small balls.

When putting a ball in the hole of the wall, there is also a mechanism that the ball jumps out from another hole randomly.

Ball pools are also available for low age, shallow bottom.

Then "Three Mischief Pig Forest Maze".

The entrance looks something like this.

I will go through the labyrinth through the mischief of the pigs.

The most innermost part of Sean Park is "Bizzar's suspension bridge" and "Sean's Tarzan rope."

Small children enjoyed athletics with casualness.

Other than that, if you talk to the blackboard, you can hear a voice from the other blackboard on the other side, "Hello Chalkboard" ... ...

There is also a workshop where you can make Shawn with nets.

There are also shops where a lot of Sean's goods have been arranged.

Ali is also an ant for a family farm.

In addition, Sean's stuffed toy was also in the game center next to the family farm.

The stuffed animal is fluffy and feels like a real sheep.

The opening hours of the sheep's family farm are from 10 o'clock to 21 o'clock and the last reception is at 20:30. The child use fee for indoor playground equipment "Sheep Park" is 600 yen for the first 30 minutes, 200 yen for every 10 minutes thereafter.

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